Over half of Netflix subscribers would rather stay in and chill than hit the theatre: Ipsos


  • I actually like to go out to the movies, yes it’s expensive, but it’s an excuse to get out.

    • Do Do

      It’s an excuse to waste money on what’s mostly horrible movies these days. Not only that, for food and beverage and you’re quickly approaching $50. No thanks.

    • You just wrote off every movie, there are plenty of good ones. I sneak food in and buy child tickets online. I think I can spare 15$ for 2 people.

  • Justin Steen

    Going to the movies once awhile is alright but most of the time I’d rather wait for stuff to come out on video and watch it at home. I’ve got the surround sound, I’ve got the big TV and I’ve got the popcorn. What else do I need?

    • Matt

      Just use Kodi. No need to wait for theater movies to come on DVD. Can watch theater movies right away for free

  • Peter

    I wonder why? 2 movie dates a year (with popcorn and drinks for two) is more expensive than a year subscription to Netflix

    • Matt

      Nah just use Kodi media center at home can watch all the theater movies for free. Why waste your money going to theaters.

    • blzd

      If everyone does like you there wouldn’t be movies to watch though.

      Spending money is not wasting money IMO. Since Kodi doesn’t get you a screen the size of an aircraft hanger with surround sound, it can be worth it to spend money on such an experience.

  • Matt

    Which is why Netflix needs to sign agreements with movie Studios to get Theater movies onto Netflix. I much prefer to stay in and watch movies comfortably at home watching on my huge 80 inch 4k smart TV. With the best surround sound system.
    For now I use Kodi Media center to watch all my theater movies for free. But I wouldn’t mind paying Netflix $20 bucks a month that would include all the Brand new Theater movies. and also Netflix needs to start a streaming service that plays all new Episodes of new TV shows that play on cable TV the very same day it airs would be awesome.

    • Rumble and Sway

      This is never going to happen. The major movie chains would be losing their shirts and really who the heck wants to stay in all the time anyways? It’s good to get out once in a while to see a show outside of the *diot box at home.

    • HelloCDN

      That’s right, because studios are just going to dump all their billion dollar revenues from theaters and DVDs and go with Netflix. Yeah, I can see that happening.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I prefer watching the movies home. You can replay whatever part you want, you can pause and continue later if needed, no annoying i****s around you that check their phones, talk or kick your chair. and newer TV’s do have better image quality than the movies (I know it sounds unbelievable but the image looks sharper on my tv, or even tablet). So yeah, I prefer staying home for movies than going out to theater.

  • Fodder0f4

    I only go to the movies if there is something I really want to see on the big screen.

    If Netflix was able to obtain movies quicker, it would definitely be a huge benefit, but I really like going to the movie theatre.

    Call me nostalgic.

  • LeTricolore

    I like going to see movies on occasion. Some movies just need to be seen on the big screen.

    For other movies that I still want to see, but don’t care enough to go out to the cinema, I’d gladly pay to watch it on demand at home. Maybe have it cost like $10-15 to watch on demand. If you’re 2 or more people, it’s definitely worth it.

    I can see movie studios not being too fond of this for a few reasons, but mainly since it’d be really easy to pirate movies that way. Oh well.

  • Crossed

    i can also get fillash at home. can’t do that at the theatre.

  • Rumble and Sway

    I’m picky about the movies I want to see in a theatre but that said I haven’t paid for a movie in ages thanks to the Scene program and the VISA card that offers rewards points. One of the better rewards programs out there for sure.

  • hardy83

    Well duh. lol
    One adult ticket in Canada for a movie is $14-$15, let alone ones for 3D, IMAX, AVX or really pricey places like the Lansdowne one in Ottawa.

    1 movie or 3-4 months of Netflix. HMMM!

    Especially when our dollar is in the crapper.
    I think it has more to do with money then Netflix being “superior” for a date night.

    • Brad Fortin

      Not to mention at home you can have a 12-pack of soda for $3-5 instead of 1 soda for $10, a 6-pack of popcorn for $4 instead of 1 for $8, you can pause to go to the bathroom, and you don’t have to go out in this cold winter weather.

    • HelloCDN

      Yep. Also, once the virtual reality thing catches on, I won’t have to go out to social places at all. I mean, who needs it? I’ll be able to have all my life at home, see people, even have sex with them, all without having to go out in this cold winter weather!

  • systemupdate

    Netflix does not have many titles. Just go to the theater on Tuesdays if you have to watch something since most of these movies are barely worth more than $10 ticket.
    No one pays for TV these days, since no one watches TV. I think personally people >60 years usually pay for TV services these days. Cable and TV are trying so hard to keep their monopoly but all these companies are gonna move to online services exclusively pretty soon.