Twitter forms new Trust and Safety Council to combat harassment


  • Kurt

    “There is a portion of Twitter’s user-base that is prone to bullying, discrimination and hate speech, behaviour that Twitter has long been accused of failing to address.” And those are the people hired for their censorship program.

  • cartfan88

    A bunch of extreme leftist organizations who claim anything they don’t agree with is hate speech. No wonder twitter is a joke. No wonder there is no two way dialogue on there.,,,it’s just being preached at from these extremist organizations and their puppets.

    Seriously the “Dangerous Speech” organization?

    • Do Do

      Completely true. If you walk into a university today you’d be shocked at how stupid some supposedly “educated” people are. Simply, as you put it, anything they don’t agree with is hate speech, discriminatory etc. It’s incredible. Bottom line is there’s a whole lot of i****s in universities these days.