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Job listing hints at more sophisticated watch faces coming to the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

In the near future Apple plans to significantly expand the number of watch face customization options open to Apple Watch owners.

No, the company has not decided to take a page from Google and allow developers to upload their own watch faces to the iTunes App Store.

Instead, a new listing on Apple’s internal job board suggests the company plans to hire a new software engineer dedicated solely to developing additional watch faces for the wearable device.

According to AppleInsider, building upon its relationship with French fashion house Hermès, Apple may task the incoming engineer to work with well-known designers from outside of the company to bring their watch face designs to the Apple Watch.

Alternatively, the engineer could simply work towards creating more watch faces for users to choose from in general. Currently, there are only 11 distinct watch faces available on the Apple Watch (12 if you count the exclusive watch face included with the $1,700 plus Apple Watch Hermès).

More significantly, the listing hints that the engineer in question will work towards making both existing and new watch faces more sophisticated.

With an Apple product keynote scheduled for March 15th, the company could show off some of the new watch faces it has been working on as soon next month, though it could also use that event to simply introduce additional watch straps.