Download Final Fantasy 2 for Android for free right now

Final Fantasy II

In what seems to be a one-year anniversary celebration of the launch of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Portal app, the publisher is giving away a free copy of Final Fantasy II for a limited time.

Originally released in 1987, Final Fantasy 2 is often touted as the moment the long-running Japanese role-playing game series hit its stride. The game has been ported to a number of platforms over the years.

In order to download your free copy of Final Fantasy 2, you’ll first need to download the Final Fantasy Portal app. Once inside, you’ll then be able to download the game between now and February 14th. Unfortunately the only way to launch Final Fantasy 2 is directly through the Final Fantasy Portal application, which some people might find frustrating.

Square Enix’s FF Portal app is designed to give fans of the series general information about the series, as well as special promotions and discounts, but it’s rare a deal actually worth taking advantage of appears in the app.

Unfortunately for old school fans of the series, the free version of FF II features the often-ridiculed revamped graphics engine that removes the pixelated feel of the original.

Final Fantasy II is priced at $7.99 U.S. on the Google Play Store but actually isn’t available in Canada for some reason. So if you’re looking to get your FF II fix, you finally have a chance thanks to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Portal app.

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