SoundCloud debuts Stations playlists for iOS and Android

Streaming music is quickly becoming a race to see who can provide users with all the tracks they want to hear, exactly when they want to hear them. Soundcloud may not have the biggest database of top 40 songs from the most popular artists, but the platform is home to popular remixes and mix tapes from established artists that can’t be found on competing platforms.

An update to the SoundCloud app this week for iOS (and last week for Android) brings a new Stations feature that will allow users to automatically create playlists based on what they’re listening to. When listening to any track, users can open the options menu and select ‘Start Track Station’ to generate a playlist of similar tracks, and may also incorporate tracks you’ve already liked on the account.

The feature has been implemented on the company’s web app for a few weeks now, and it seems to work quite well. If you enjoy the mix of music SoundCloud has to offer, you can download the app for Android or iOS now.

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