HTC RE Camera is on sale for only $103


  • Tyler Hardeman

    I actually tried to buy this, but when I go to the cart it redirects to the US store, which doesn’t ship to Canada. Even more strange, it only lists Canada as a shipping option…..

    • Mo Dabbas

      If you keep going on it’ll work. I didn’t finish the checkout but it seems to be able to accept Canadian addresses

  • Mo Dabbas

    I am trying to figure out what this can be used for. Like really. What is the purpose of this thing??

    • fruvous


  • I’m looking for a cheap yet simple camera for my basic needs and this suits me. I know for sure this will be a hit! I am grateful because they sale this item.

  • c0bra

    Where do you see the sale price? When I click on the link in the article above I only see the $259.00 price.

    • P. Raham

      The sale ended Feb 2nd. (I was notified by email offers from HTC)

    • c0bra

      Well that sucks.

      Thanks for replying and letting me know though P. Raham.

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