Tapp Smart Padlock passes Indiegogo funding goal in just three days


  • Jeff Thibert

    It’s getting harder to justify these types of purchases with the US dollar exchange. *sigh*

  • fruvous

    How late will this one be. Noke still looks better and has more failsafes against dead batteries.

    • Ben Sanders

      I ordered a Noke lock 6 months ago and still havent got it. wack. also, fingerprint > bluetooth

    • fruvous

      Noke has a fob option. So what happens if the Tapp runs out of battery?

  • Deathdearth

    Looking at the picture, what’s the point of a 50$ padlock on a 50 cent chain. Weak

  • Frostz

    This company is entirely incompetent or its a scam. The sensor in that lock alone sells for 1/3 of the price of the lock(at volume), and metal casting and welding will make that lock very expensive. There definitely going to run into DFM issues and get delayed over a year before they run out of money and run. Also to add, WTF do they have a Fuji Camera battery in their lock. Those things self discharge fast (ever opened a low end Olympus camera, its the same battery). This is downright laughable.

    • Ben Sanders

      pretty sure they would use a different battery in the final product if they’re claiming three years. y u mad huh.