Netflix now has more than 75 million subscribers worldwide


  • Rey

    What phone is that in the picture above?

    • manpreet singh

      n6p or 5x , looking at the size probably 6p

    • It’s the Nexus 6P!

  • Elton Bello

    Biggest tv channel ever

  • GPman

    Well crap. 74,999,999 subscribers when I leave from their soon proxy/VPN blocking doesn’t sound very threatening to their bottom line. 🙁

    • Ipse

      Was about to post EXACTLY the same. I know it’s the movie industry that forces the move, but Netflix is big enough now to stand up to them and push for global distribution rights.

  • Abel

    How is 5.6 (1.56 + 4.04) mill “narrowing missing” 5.15 (1.65 + 3.5) mill?

    (I guess, technically speaking, going over a projected target is also missing, but that’s not the general use of that word, or what it implies when used in this context).