LG G4 tipped to receive Marshmallow update February 1st, LG G3 on March 14th


  • JMB

    Come on Telus, this G4 is begging for an update

  • Orage42

    Got a G4 on boxing day, what I’m most happy is to see the G3 also getting updated. Keeps my hopes up that the G4 will get at least 2 years of OS support.

  • Phil Nguyen

    This list can’t be that reliable as Jan 14 is today and the 2015 Moto G has not been updated yet

    • thorsten garbe

      Good point.

  • Will Maitner


  • Leif Shantz

    My G3 is sooooooo buggy and the battery drains like hell with the Lolipop update. Hopefully LG will release Marshmallow for my G3 to make things better for my G3 or if they pull the update and say LG G3 will NOT receive Marshmallow like they did for previous LG flagships, then this’ll be the LAST LG phone I will ever buy!

    • hostile_17

      Agreed, the phone is a year old and they are being flaky.. .and I want to see the point releases to deliver proper bugfixes and stability.

    • wumps13

      same here with G4 the battery is always dead …with Marshmallow ! think i am going to forget LG for a very long time next time i will buy a phone.

  • kuox

    February 1st for the Nexus security update? Yeah right. Telus has been dragging their heels delivering these security updates. I just got the January one on January 12th. I thought they were supposed to provide nexus updates immediately…

    • JMB

      nexus phone’s are updated by Google not Telus…..as far as I know anyway

  • hostile_17

    The LG G3 date seems to be constantly moving…

    I would prefer they released all updates for one version, then skip an entire version if necessary… with their policy of releasing major versions but not the bugfix updates it means we’re constantly running a sub-optimal system.


    Anyone get the Telus Marshmallow Update early?

  • Donny Chau

    LG G3 had been removed from the latest list.