Samsung will produce Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor


  • Skippypaccino

    I have a feeling this will be the first truly great 64 bit chip to grace the Android phone landscape. All others before it were underpowered or ran extremely hot. This chip packed in with 4gb of ram will ensure your Android phone to run smoother than its ever had before.

    Can’t wait to see benchmarks when the first phones release.

    • Creaulx

      If this is in the S7 I’m all in.

    • Skippypaccino

      I think all the high end smartphones will have it in them for sure. I was hoping to see a return to form for the HTC one M line, but they don’t seemed to be interested in smartphones anymore. They’re in the VR game now…

      My contract is up next year and I guess I’m 100% sure my next phone will have a snapdragon 820


      What? The Exynos 7420 that Samsung uses in the S6/S6 Edge and newer high end devices is a beast of a chip and doesn’t get hot at all.

  • Andrew English

    I wonder how much of the battery these Snap Drags will consume. If it’s anything like the older gen Snap Drags it will upset a lot of Samsung users.

  • Victor Creed

    This will help Samsung offset the loss of the Apple A10 to TSMC


    Sounds good BUT as long as Samsung / Qualcomm will release open sourced drivers for the different subcomponents attached to the chip, this will be ok. For those of us who love to change ROMs and play with AOSP based ones, this is a must. Yes, there are a bunch of other things that are needed (unlocked bootloader, etc.) but SoC related software is key.


      If they always gave ppl what they need to build Roms before then why wouldn’t they now?