Rogers raises prices on some Share Everything plans by $5 per month


  • HelloCDN

    Toute suite!

    • It’s Me

      Canadian competition at work. They all compete to see who can bend you over the most.

    • thorsten garbe

      Was going to say that. I call it reversed competition aka canada live.

    • Elton Bello

      Ty, at least someone speaking the truth,not just me

    • Do Do

      In your face collusion and the crtc (or whomever) does nothing that ACTUALLY protects us from these criminals.

  • Amazington Esq

    Telus price increase in t-minus 5… 4….

    • El Capitan Morgan

      I thought Bell would go first in 5..4…

    • It’s Me

      They already did.

    • disqusmy

      shsshh.. They are trying to do it at different time. 🙂

    • Owen Finn

      Bell raised their prices by $20.

  • Well that didn’t take long.

    Now, who DIDN’T expect this?

  • BriniaSona

    Just buy a 500mb plan and their home internet package. That’s what they want, that’s why they won’t give you 80GB a month data. If they did, how could they ever sell you their overpriced internet plans.

    • Jayce

      Rogers Home Internet isn’t available in most of the country.

    • BriniaSona

      I know for a fact they don’t have Rogers anything in Piltover.

    • Jayce

      Good call. Maybe someday…

    • BriniaSona

      Viktor would be the one to make it, and it would be some Evil mega-corporation stealing everything from the people.

    • Jayce

      Indeed :P. You know what I meant though. Rogers Home Internet is available in only 3 provinces.

  • Techguru86

    More reasons for why People will be jumping ship to Wind, they have the funding, now it’s just a matter of time till they put up towers, should start seeing those Sask,Que and Manitoba plans within the next year or so

    • Brownstar

      They need to get their LTE network up and running before people will jump ship

    • Techguru86

      Who cares about LTE for now, just get more towers up, which will mean faster speeds, better connection for hard hit areas and less roaming for people,

    • Brownstar

      I do, it prevented me from moving from Rogers.

    • Techguru86

      unless your an IPhone user then it’s not needed yet, Bell and Rogers on HSPA is still getting 15mbps, so when wind gets more towers you will see an overall better improvement

    • Brownstar

      15 mbps in ideal conditions, so in reality probably 5-8 mbps. I get 50 mbps on Rogers in the same ideal conditions and easily average 20-25 mbps.

    • Techguru86

      I get 15mbps in a smaller city, people don’t need 50mbps speed with the shitty data plans they offer anyway, just get more towers out and it will force the Big 3 prices down

    • Unorthodox

      In a smaller city, may be yes. Personally I can’t not be on LTE anymore. I use public transit, online banking and all the other stuff throughout the day, and it wouldn’t be possible on a slower connection. The other day I stepped into local Rabba store that is in some sort of LTE dead zone and could only get on HSPA. Trying to transfer money from my savings to checking accounts (for further cashing out at ATM) took me a few minutes of standing in the middle of the store like a Christmas tree. This could have been done in less than 30 seconds should I have had LTE. I bet pulling up a list of nearest bus arrivals at a bus stop would have been just as painful over HSPA. Again, it wouldn’t be as bad in a smaller city with only one transit operator. You should try LTE sometimes – you’ll never want to be on anything else.

    • Unorthodox

      Well “wouldn’t be possible” is a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea.

    • pvanb

      Why is it needed as an iPhone user? I’m an iPhone user and it isn’t stopping me…

    • Omar

      Rest assured, those prices will increase as the service quality does. And it will improve, so now is really the time to move to Wind and hope Shaw grandfathers old plans.

    • will

      If they keep about the same price as Videotron BYOD prices I’m OK with that

  • CoryB

    Unless this change introduces the $20 BYOD discount to Manitoba you’ll still be stuck with the same $10/month discount as the Smart Tab.

  • skoupo

    Colluding ? Yes.

  • JD

    Could they not try to pretend they weren’t colluding?

  • jplunks

    My My10 6GB for $70 looks like i made the right choice

    • Bryce Campbell

      Yes, I too will be holding on to my 6 GB SuperPlan very tightly!

    • Trelarah

      my10, 5gb, $60/month legacy plan… looks like I’ll be buying my next phone outright

  • Ryan

    Ah yes. The illusion of choice.

  • power_pizza

    HUH… It’s almost like the carriers are working with each other to keep the prices at a level that everyone makes a profit!


  • Will Maitner

    Interesting, Bell didn’t raise it on their data, but on voice..

    • MassDeduction

      Rogers was already cheaper on their data than Bell, though. I think they’re still cheaper than Bell at most tiers even with these price increases.

    • will

      How can we get corporate plans?

    • disqus_vPnVddwEMi

      Start a business.

  • MC

    It was good enough weather to go golfing in December… And here we are :).

    • Elton Bello


  • Faisal Hamim

    These changes are for Quebec too?

    • MassDeduction

      The quoted prices are not the Quebec prices, so likely not.

    • Elton Bello

      Quebec rules dude, Ontario is f**ked. They will bleed us dry.

  • hardy83

    They should just let new companies come in…Oh wait, Rogers owns the cable lines and Bell owns the phone lines because GENIUS politicians of the past thought selling out our infrastructure to private industry was a good idea because they can’t see 3 feet in front of them, let alone multiple years.

    Same goes for wireless frequencies. Selling them off for bulk numbers looks great in a fiscal year, but is a disaster down the line when a handful of companies hoard it all and “compete” in increasing prices to the point where it hurts adoption rates, growing businesses and the economy.
    Good for shareholders though, who I assume SOME are Canadian.

    • cartfan88

      Genius politicians of the past? I guess you don’t live in Ontario where Hydro One was just sold off to pay for some overspending elsewhere.

    • Elton Bello

      More likely corruption, the canadian way…

  • El Capitan Morgan

    Oh geesh…this will be more expensive for people to sign up. Although Wind’s signal sucks, people will still sign up because they don’t have a choice. Well..maybe pay more for the BIG 3.

    For now, if you want to BIG 3, the best is to go corporate plan. Otherwise, it will be too much!

    • MassDeduction

      Small business plans are awfully good too. I had a choice between the two and went Small Business. The corporate plan I was offered ($55/3GB) was slightly cheaper, but the small biz plan had more bells and whistles for only a little more (and I wanted some of the additional features, such as Rogers One Number and Roam Like Home). Small biz generally has all the features of the consumer plans, but at a cheaper price. It’s the perfect in-between for me.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Make sense! 🙂

      I had my corporate rate for many years and I didn’t know that they actually cut the amount of GB since I am still paying $56 dollars taxed in with 6GB of data.

    • Elton Bello

      Boss plan

    • Matt

      You can be on big 3 Rogers with using Mobilicity as Mobilicity is on Rogers network now. Get the same coverage and signal strength as any Rogers Customer.

    • Victor Creed

      No. Mobilicity still uses the same coverage-map and footprint pre buyout but Rogers network.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      So you are saying that it is better than Wind as of this moment but still not as good as if you were a Rogers subscriber?

    • Elton Bello

      Signal wise is amazing, compared to before. Internet is same and sucky. Not worth it if you have a corporate plan. Wind has a much better internet speed but no signal.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I have people asking me where to sign up and I wasn’t sure if I should tell them to go with Wind or Mobilicity since it is already bought by Rogers.

      I’ll definitely stay with my corporate plan. 56 dollars all-in with 6GB isn’t that bad compare to the current rates I see.

    • Elton Bello

      Anytime. Only problem with Mobi now is internet speeds are 1.23 up and 1.5 down, smt maybe 2. And thats dissgusting. You can ask me for anything regarding to Mobi as I currently am with them…till I get bored, I guess. Wind internet is much much better and faster, sometimes reaches 12mb down.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      I am curious to find out if Shaw will make any changes on Wind regarding the speed… I know for sure those 39 and 49 dollars deal will be history.

      Anyway, thanks again!

  • Omar

    Surely it’s a coincidence that shortly after Shaw buys Wind, the only thing resembling an affordable cellphone carrier in Canada (service quality aside), two of the Big Three raise their prices.

  • Kusanagi

    Verizon… where are you ? *sigh*…

    • Gerard Laframboise

      Rogers are actually offering the best deal in Quebec since September.BYOD + 10% Desjardins discount gets me 6GB, Spotify for 2 years and Rogers hockey for a grand total of 54$.

  • fruvous

    Good thing Bell announced their rate increases this morning before Rogers did. Now it looks like Rogers is the follower and Bell the leader.

    • MassDeduction

      Rogers was cheaper per GB than Bell at several tiers already, so in some cases this is simply bringing Rogers up to Bell’s old prices.

      As long as Rogers keeps a reasonable BYOD discount (which they seem to be), they actually come out smelling like a rose in all of this. It will be interesting to see what Telus does.

      Bell getting rid of BYOD is just ridiculous. A customer saves *nothing* if they save Bell paying out a handset subsidy? Insulting. Just unreal. I wouldn’t even object if Bell made the BYOD discount contingent on signing a two year contract. That wouldn’t be ideal, but it would at least be *something*.

  • Sensualpoet

    Well, the basic price plans may be the same — up $5 — but with Bell getting rid of $20 BYOD and Rogers keeping that in place, you can hardly say what they are doing is the same. Bell is, in effect charging at least $480 more every two years, not mention forcing you to pay an additional $50 to unlock any phone you buy through them. Ugh. I went with the Google Nexus 5X and Rogers. Happy camper — and free Spotify Premium to boot.

  • Matt

    CRTC will never do anything about it. They get their funding from the Carriers. So they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

    • Mandy

      Time for a class action suit against all of them!

    • Aaron Hoyland

      The CRTC is a government body and is funded exclusively by taxpayer dollars. You’re likely thinking of the CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services), which is funded by the carriers but operates independently from them.

  • Mandy

    Prices should be going DOWN, not up. The only place in the world, and the only area of technology which rips people off, is Canada and the cell phone industry.

  • kmanvan

    Ahh the joys of our CRTC supported oligopoly! At least we have lots of refugees coming to make us feel better about things.

  • Omis

    Luckily this will all change when Shaw enters the scene. Right? Why is everyone laughing?

  • Crossed

    At least lie to us so it doesn’t appear like blatant collusion.
    Better than assuming the Canadian public is uneducated and stupid; that we’ll just see this and not bother looking into it.

  • Aaron Hoyland

    Collusion and/or price-fixing requires the government to prove that companies had an actual agreement in place to adjust prices in tandem. The fact that they adjust prices in lock-step isn’t the same thing. If there’s no agreement, it’s not legally collusion. Mind-numbingly infuriating as a consumer, absolutely. But not illegal.

    • disqus_vPnVddwEMi

      This comment should be an automated response for every collusion conspiracy nut out there.

  • Raj Singh

    The price shift should have gone in the other direction.

  • Elton Bello

    Rogers by far better than bell, more choice

  • Me Ted

    What a bunch of qunts.

  • Ipse

    Oh come on…it’s because of the dropping loonie…everyone knows that airwaves and Gigabytes are priced in USD.

    My only reaction to these (endless) price increases is “OK, there will be a revolt tomorrow, right? Pitches and forks? No? Anyone?…Hello?”

  • Igor Babichev

    Given that my WIND experience has improved since they upgraded their equipment in Vancouver (including being able to use my phone in the elevator and in the underground parkade), I can’t be happier with my $39/mo plan with unlimited US roaming. I don’t even remember when was the last time I had a phone subsity.

    • MoYeung

      Unlimited US roaming is a add-on, cost extra?

  • Shawn

    I’m currently in Thailand and paid about $16 for 4.5 gb of data. Things are a lot cheaper here, but we do get screwed in Canada.

  • fruvous

    Wouldn’t the competition bureau be a better place to complain to?

  • Owen Finn

    So being new to Rogers – will they increase the price of my plan if I’m on a month-to-month agreement?