Rogers raises prices on some Share Everything plans by $5 per month


Mirroring Bell’s plans to raise the prices of its consumer share plans, Rogers will increase the cost of many of its Share Everything plans on January 12th.

Customers purchasing a new plan with data buckets of 5GB, 9GB or 15GB will pay $5 more tomorrow than they do today. For example, someone signing up for a 5GB plan with Canada-wide call and texting features will spend $115 per month instead of $110 for what Rogers calls a Premium tab, which offers the highest level of device subsidy. A 15GB Canada-wide talk and text plan will now cost $165 per month, up from $160.

Unlike Bell, Rogers has maintained its $20 per month BYOD (bring your own device) benefit, though those customers will too pay $5 more for 5GB, 9GB and 15GB plans.

Rogers currently offers a bevy of shared data plans between 500MB and 60GB per month, but based on documents received by MobileSyrup it appears that only three data tiers will receive price bumps. Each plan will continue to offer the choice of Spotify, Shomi or Texture access for 24 months.

Based on the evidence, and historical behaviour, it is likely that Telus will alter its share plans accordingly as well.