Moto 360 Sport now available in Canada


  • danny wood

    I would buy one of these, I usually prefer square watchfaces, but this is decent looking for sure. Not a big fan of metal or leather straps either. My Sony SW3 is still going strong for now.

  • Tony Chau

    It’s progress but not enough for most hard core runners and cyclists due to the heart rate monitor not being very accurate. That’s understandable as it’s an optical sensor rather than a chest strap and sensor.

    Until they can improve on that, I’ll still use my Garmin 910XT and LG G watch, one on each wrist. I’ll be happy once they can get a product that’s does both and runs on Android Wear. Vivo Active looks good but runs Garmin’s own OS.

    • Roger

      I heard VivoActive is really good. That’s the one I’d get once my Samsung Gear Live is due for a replacement.