Microsoft’s next Lumia device makes an appearance on the FCC’s website


  • Victor Creed

    Snap 212? If it sells for any more than $125 it’s overpriced.

    • St. Misery

      That’s your expert opinion huh? Sorry to disappoint but seeing as the 550 is $189 the 650 will be out of reach for you.

    • MassDeduction

      That’s for a factory-unlocked, LTE, dual-SIM model. A single-SIM, or a 3G-only, or a carrier-locked model would be cheaper. It depends on what you’re comparing against. For example, the Lumia 640 ranges from $60 USD (about $85 CAD) for carrier-locked single-SIM LTE, to $245 CAD (factory unlocked, LTE, dual-SIM). So dual-SIM, factory unlocked, etc., can as much as triple the cost.

    • Philosoraptor

      An Android with that SoC would definitely suck. Meanwhile, a BLU Win HD with a 200 runs rather well. It’s not fair to compare SoCs across different platforms.

    • MassDeduction

      This. 1000x this. Whoever thought that the day would come that Windows would be considered fast vs. the competition? But Windows 10 seems noticeably faster than MacOS X on similar hardware (and certainly boots up from a cold start much faster), and Windows 10 Mobile seems faster and more efficient than Android (especially on entry-level hardware where running Android is a bad joke).

    • MassDeduction

      Microsoft makes a lot of variants of their phones these days. For example, the Lumia 640 comes in the following configurations:

      – non-LTE single SIM
      – non-LTE dual-SIM
      – LTE single SIM
      – LTE dual-SIM
      – plus several more country/carrier variants

      The cost of a single-SIM 3G-only Lumia 640 is much lower than a dual-SIM LTE version. Plus entry-level Lumias often have cameras that rival the cameras in many Android flagships.

      There are so many variables that your pronouncement is unsupportable. Since Windows doesn’t need high-end hardware to run well, they’ll often deck out entry-level Windows phones with features they wouldn’t even joke about putting on entry-level Android handsets.

    • gwydionjhr

      SD 212 is the equivalent to the current SD400.

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