A new project is bringing Android to Mac and PC for free


  • Omar

    Google should have done something like this for the Chromebook Pixel. It’s almost like a dream come true for so many people lol…

    I honestly can’t wait to try this out, I think it’s perfect for Windows tablets since Windows 10 is still lacking in the apps department. Does it have Google Play Services?

  • Mathieu V

    “PC and Mac owners will be add a bit”

    ERRRR what?

    • Omar

      Aha when I read this article the first time my eyes and brain read that as “PC and Mac owners will be able to add a bit of Android to their desktop computers…”

    • Most of “his” articles have various errors like that. Nothing we can really do but address it here and hopefully we will see change.

    • Elton Bello

      They write under pressure guys….give them a break.

  • ChrisPollard77

    I’m anxious to play with this on an old AspireOne NETBOOK I have lying around doing nothing. Sure, Ubuntu runs on it … well, crawls is more like it. But Android on an older Atom chip should still be plenty usable!

    • Omar

      The Atom chips don’t age too well?

    • Andrew

      Atom chips were never quick enough even when they came out never mind aging.

    • Do Do

      Funny, I have an old AspireOne Netbook with ubuntu on it also. It wasn’t much of computer with xp, not much now with ubuntu either. Something like this remix os might change that.

  • DeadPool

    Hell yes. I’ve been wanting to try this os. I seriously can’t wait.

  • BioFanatic

    Will this be as crippled and slow as bluestacks? That’s unbearable. Hoping for one thing smooth.

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