Google uses homepage to promote its apps to Android and iOS users


  • It’s Me

    It’s rare that Google uses its homepage for self-promotion.

    It’s not that rare. Common enough that the EU has formally accused them of antitrust behaviour with their search monopoly. So has India. The US FTC twice launched investigations into the behaviour (staff were pushing for charges but the political appointees buried it). And Canada’s Competition Bureau appears ready to lay charges after their 2 year investigation.

    It’s not so much rare as much as it has become expected behaviour, regardless of the law.

    • gommer strike

      This reminds me of the good ol’ days of Microsoft’s monopoly with Internet Explorer(or was it Windows? It’s been so long).

      After that, Microsoft had to allow competing browsers to be bundled together with Windows(although whether that happened or not, was up to the OEMs). But that was their penalty so to speak.

      So in this case – Will Google be required to not just advertise their services, but other competing services as well(such as Bing, Yahoo, etc)?

    • It’s Me

      It was Windows.

      No, I can see them being forced to advertise bing or other search engines. The concern is that they use their search monopoly to bury other services they compete with. Instead of getting the best results algorithmically, say for product review or shopping searches or restaurants, you instead get tweaked results that sandbag some companies and prioritize results from google properties and companies that pay Google. Yelp, Expedia, OpenTable, TripAdviser,, Amazon, mom and pop shops, and all retailers in between, real estate agents, software providers, glass door,, joe’s garage, Mary’s chocolates, basically any and all companies would have to be concerned. Even if they don’t compete with Google directly they’d have to be concerned whether someone else is paying more to sandbag searches that might lead to them. And if they do compete with Google, then Google can use their search monopoly as a weapon.

      It’s just business. I’d expect them to do exactly what they are accused of because it’s business. But it makes their “don’t be evil” motto sort of laughable. Almost as laughable as the fact that there are still people that swallow that line.

    • gommer strike

      Oh I see. So is this what the EU and others are so upset about? That Google can tailor the search results to go to very specific services(or at least make the favored ones appear first on the list)?

      If this, this sure reminds me of what Yelp is being accused of. That if you’re a restaurant, and you didn’t pay Yelp, then it might skew the reviews or even outright hide the positive reviews(unless the user chooses to unhide them).

    • thereasoner

      The full quote reads;
      ” it’s rare that Google uses its homepage for self promotion. On occasion, the real estate below its search button is usually reserved for helping raise awareness or funds for natural disasters or diseases”
      … and that full statement is correct.

      As for “accusations”, “investigations” and the possibility of getting “ready to lay charges” for supposed anti trust behavior related to a “search monopoly”, that’s a different kettle of fish all together and it’s not what this story is talking about with regard to the content of Googles home page.

      That said, Google should get theirs if it can be proven by authorities and the courts that they are indeed engaged in anti trust activities like Apple was accused of, charged and convicted of and fined by the courts for a half Billion dollars relating to their ebook price fixing scam that stole untold millions from unsuspecting consumers .

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  • jndvrk

    I guess pushing Chrome (as great as it is) down everyone’s throat when using google search doesn’t count as self-promotion?

    So, who gets to be the figurehead that gets to carry Google’s Reality Distortion Field?

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  • MJM

    how do you get rid of this ad?