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Flickr launches 360-degree picture viewing with new Samsung Gear VR app

Samsung Gear VR

Have you ever wanted to view Flickr photographs in 360-degree virtual reality? Now is your chance.

Flickr has released a new app for the Samsung Gear VR, allowing users to view 360-degree photos published on the service through Samsung’s VR headset. VR gives the wearer a new perspective on whatever object they’re looking at; it allows the viewer to better grasp the scope of an object or location, and provides a more immersive experience.

Flickr boasts a library of approximately 14,000 360-degree images compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR. For example, check out this incredible view of Aurora Borealis from Finland.

Along with the $139.99 consumer version of Gear VR, Samsung also recently launched a web browser designed to allow viewers to browse the internet from a first person perspective.

Try Gear VR’s new Flickr app at this link.

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