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Fitbit introduces SmartTrack feature to help keep users motivated

Fitbit is adding several new features to improve the experience of using its Surge and Charge HR wearables.

To start, users can now set a weekly exercise goal based on how many days of the week they want to be active. The interesting thing here is that a variety of exercises can count toward the completion of the user’s personal goal.

To help with this aspect of the experience, Fitbit is also introducing another new feature called SmartTrack. This feature will automatically track a variety of exercises, including walking, running and biking, and then note them in the Fitbit app as counting towards the user’s weekly goal. Within the Fitbit app’s setting it’s possible to define what exercise count toward one’s weekly goal, as well as how long one needs to work on them before they get credit for the exercise.

Lastly, the company says it’s made several improvements to its heart tracking software, PurePulse. When set in exercise mode and multi-sports mode, both the Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR will be better at tracking the user’s heart rate. These tweaks will be most noticeable when doing exercises like cycling or something like Zumba, says Fitbit.

SmartTrack and PurePulse are available to Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR users on all operating systems. The exercise goals feature is currently only available to iOS and Windows users, though is set to come to Android soon.