Small Talk: BlackBerry Priv owners, what do you think of the device so far?

The BlackBerry Priv has been available in one form or another for nearly three weeks, which means that it has likely gotten into the hands of most people looking to become early adopters.

There was no question the Priv would garner considerable attention both from BlackBerry faithful and curious onlookers, but just how much was an ongoing industry question. The Priv’s initial shipments from BlackBerry’s online store quickly sold out, and subsequent inventory was pushed back from this week until November 30th. It appears that the Waterloo-based company can’t make enough of them to keep them in stock.

At the same time, Canadian carriers we’ve spoken to have remained cautiously optimistic about the product, most claiming they are “excited” about BlackBerry’s first Android phone. Stores we’ve visited have been displaying the product alongside other Android devices instead of fellow BB10 products like the Passport and Classic, and representatives have said that while interest has been high, the $400 to $410 on-contract price tag has scared people away. It remains to be seen whether BlackBerry will lower the price before the all-important Christmas shopping season.

So, those of you with Privs in hand, what do you think? What’s absolutely amazing? What could be better? And — I think the question most people want answered — do you use the keyboard?

Let’s chat.