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Periscope adds playback controls to stream replays

Live-streaming has become a vital tool for many different types of social media, and Twitter’s app, Periscope, is one of the better ways to let people see what you’re seeing. Earlier this week, even Justin Trudeau got in on the action, with an aide using his account to Periscope the swearing-in of himself and his cabinet. Given these rather important occasions for the app, improving the experience is important to its continued growth.

On the web, and rolling out to Android now, Periscope has added the ability to scrub through a replay of any stream. Previously, if you wanted to watch a Periscope replay, you had to sit through the entire thing and wait. With the latest update, you will be able to press and hold on the stream to get a scrubbing bar to move through the video. On the web, you can simply click anywhere on the scrubber to move around the video.

Periscope said as of Friday that the app has rolled out to half of Android users, and that the app should be arriving for iOS users sometime next week.

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