Google’s next Pixel Chromebook will be an Android-powered tablet


  • Jace Hernandez

    Yay, yet another thing that won’t be available in Canada.

    • norsem4n

      It’s a POS, why do you care, Jace?

    • Jace Hernandez

      Because it sounds like something I want. It may be a POS to you, but I think it sounds interesting. Hence me wanting to buy it, and clearly you don’t.

    • norsem4n

      Please post pictures when you buy one. I would love to see you using an Android tablet. Not running in a VM or anything, but you know as the main OS.

    • Jace Hernandez

      An android tablet? You mean like the Nexus 9 that I currently have? I’m baffled because it sounds like you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s laughable.

  • mastjaso

    What is going on with Google’s branding? A Pixel device, which have historically been Chrome OS based, announced at a Nexus event, running Android… This seems bizarre.

    • Me Ted

      It’s stupid is what it is. I’m all for a new Nexus tablet, but Pixel? Ridiculous.

      The sad thing is the actual Pixel is a beautiful machine. It just shouldn’t be running Chrome OS solely and it should be easy to install the OS of your choosing without jumping through hoops and/or severely crippling it when you do.

    • Supa_Fly

      To be honest Chrome OS was a stupid effort to begin with. Did Google just notice that Chrome OS was getting NO traction from outside of it’s offices/employees use?

      Android and Chrome OS should’ve been a unified experience effort from the very start! Chrome OS is like G+ an after thought that is ONLY getting better recently due to newer hardware and thus more efforts.

      Android already has an imbedded systems branch, and now an IoT branch … so why should Chrome OS exist? get rid of it take what is good from it and complete it in Android.

      “It’s Time!”

    • Major Suave

      Indeed. Chrome OS should in fact be an Android app alongside the other million apps just like the Chrome desktop app on PC is a micro OS sitting on top of Windows/OSX/Linux…

    • Supa_Fly

      BTW, Pixel is a very useful name … unlike that of BlackBerry Priv (LOOOSERS!)

      Pixel … tablets should have incredible resolutions, their the true full window into our digital lives thus … Pixels count and thus the name Pixel makes sense; at it’s very basic and simple core of use.

    • mastjaso

      I’m guessing they’re using Pixel as their branding for their top end stuff. The Pixel tablet will probably be a Surface Pro “me too!” device like the iPad Pro, and they’re using the Pixel brand to justify the price.

  • Tamás Dohány

    Okay. It’s interesting. Let me ask a couple of questions:
    So than Chrome OS Linux based system won’t be placed in the newer models? Or only Pixel models concerned?
    So than Android will replace Chrome OS as well?
    Chrome OS won’t be continued?
    What’s about previous Chromebooks Chrome OS models updates?

  • J.S.Bach

    I’ll wait for the Lenovo Miix 700 in November. Google makes POS hardware.