Netflix’s iPad and iPhone app now allows in-app subscriptions


Netflix just made subscribing to its platform a little easier for mobile viewers.

Users will now be able subscribe to Netflix directly from the company’s iOS app, taking a page out of Spotify’s playbook, which already supports in-app iOS subscriptions.

Netflix announced its new in-app purchase feature today via an Orange Is The New Black clip where characters Crazy Eyes, played by Uzo Adubo, and Taystee, portrayed by Danielle Books, find an iPhone in Litchfield prison, and then attempt to figure out how Siri works.

Netflix originally launched its iOS app in 2010 but has so far held off from adding in-app purchases because of Apple’s unpopular (at least as far as developers are concerned) App Store tax, a 30 percent fee that the Cupertino-based company leverages on any in-app purchases. A side effect of this tax means some smaller app developers are often forced to increase the cost of in-app purchases to offset the financial impact of the additional fee.

In Netflix’s case, the service still costs $7.99 a month both in-app and via desktop. According to The Verge, in certain situations Apple has lowered its fee to 15 percent for subscribers who sign up through certain apps via Apple TV.

The Android version of Netflix’s app has allowed in-app subscription purchases since its launch.

In other Netflix related news, the company recently revealed that it’s able to pinpoint the exact episode where its viewers become addicted to certain television shows.