Pebble announces Pebble Time Round, coming in November

Pebble has announced the Pebble Time Round, its newest product and the first one of its smartwatches to feature a round watch face.

At 7.5mm thick, it’s also the company’s thinnest watch to date; in fact, Pebble claims it’s the world’s thinnest and lightest smartwatch.

Screenshot 2015-09-23 13.02.00Featuring an all metal design, the Time Round has a 38.5 mm face, significantly smaller than most on the market. However, the actual size of the 64-colour display is smaller than the size of the screen since most of the watch face is devoted to bezel.

Moreover, the reduction in size and compromises to style come at a cost. Unlike the Pebble Time, the Time Round is only able to last two days on a single charge. That said, it’s also the first Pebble smartwatch to feature quick charging. According to the company, the watch is able to gain 24 hours worth of battery life in about 15 minutes.

Like the Pebble Time, it features a microphone for voice. In the past this feature has only been available with Pebble smartwatches paired with an Android smartphone, but starting with the Pebble Time Round, that feature will make its way to iOS, as well. Unlike the Pebble Time, the Time Round is only splash resistant, not water resistant up to 30 metres.

The Pebble Time Round will be available on November 8 for $249.99 USD (about $333 CAD).