In an effort differentiate from Twitch, YouTube Gaming is adding Android live streaming

YouTube Gaming Android

Google’s YouTube Gaming launched late last month, and although the service has a flashy and impressive user-interface, the platform is largely identical to the current king of online video game streaming, Twitch.

In what seems like an attempt to diversify its new platform, Google announced that YouTube gaming will soon allow users to stream games directly from any Android device, without the need for additional software like Mobcrush, which just secured $11-million in startup capital.

The Android update enabling this feature in YouTube’s new gaming app doesn’t have a Canadian or U.S. release date yet and is set to launch in Japan first, a region where mobile gaming is extremely popular. Google announced its plans to add Android streaming to YouTube Gaming today at the Tokyo Game Show.

“Japan’s mobile games define its gaming culture, far more so than in other countries,” said YouTube’s global gaming head Ryan Wyatt in a statement to MobileSyrup.

“This trend shows there’s a real need for gamers to easily share what’s on their screen with the gaming community, as it happens.”

It’s still unclear how successful YouTube gaming has been since its launch, but the platform’s slick interface and collection of unique features – like the ability to rewind – could give it a fighting chance against Twitch. However, it’s unclear if mobile game streaming will ever take off. There’s likely a limited audience of people interested in watching someone play most mobile titles.

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