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New leaks show two new Moto 360 models in clearest photos yet

Moto 360

If you were put off by the size of the original Moto 360, good news: based on a newly leaked image, at least one of Motorola’s upcoming smartwatches will be more accommodating to diminutive wrists.

The image, which comes courtesy of the Chinese HelloMotoHK Facebook community, shows the original Moto 360 next to what is reportedly the Moto 360S.

Moto 360SMissing from the picture is the 360L, the other smartwatch Motorola is reportedly set to release later this year. So far all we know about the 360L is that it will include a 375mAh battery.

As Phone Arena points out, the original 360 had a 270mAh unit, meaning that its successor will have a battery that is almost 40 percent larger. It’s likely that the larger version of the new smartwatch will be the same size or slightly smaller than the current model.


Another photo showing the larger version, the 360L, makes it appear almost the same size as the current Moto 360, but slightly slimmer.

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