Microsoft rebrands Xbox Music and Movies, promises to release Android and iOS apps


  • Quagmire

    but but but what about BB10 apps?

    • mastjaso

      Microsoft’s Android apps have historically all worked flawlessly on BBOS.

    • Quagmire

      what about a NATIVE bb10 app?

    • awhite2600

      Is Microsoft going to spend the resources to support a platform with less than 1% market share? Not likely. Especially when, as mastjaso stated above, their apps run within the Android sandbox on BB10.

    • Spend resources?
      Visual Studio already supports Qt4.5 coding from the start and THEY make VS there is NO spending needed. Qt4.5 is based off of C++ something MS has used for decades!

      this is quite simply a hate the ‘blackberry kid’ on the block and exclude in any games like Rudolph was.

    • awhite2600

      Unless they can take the source code for the Android or iOS version, change some setting and click compile there are resource requirements. There would also be support and update requirements. While perhaps not significant they are still there. BB10 is so small it’s still not worth it.

  • Bryan

    As Microsoft always tries to reinvent how basic things are done, they’ll come up with yet another half-assed attempt at a music app.. XBox music is pathetic in every way. Groove being little more than a name change and added useless features while leaving useful features for their competitors to produce will be the exact same garbage XBox music is now. Whoever is in charge of the content consumption apps at Microsoft needs to be escorted out. If Microsoft doesn’t produce a living room stb that has convenient and easy access to local and streaming content they always behind Apple and Google. XBox One is NOT that device with its over emphasis on gaming and social connectivity. I bought one for the media content only and its the lousiest interface on the planet.

  • Jonah Emery

    They have nothing new or unique to offer. This is yet another Microsoft “me too” offering. They would have just partnered with Spotify, RDIO or Tidal for music on Windows devices.

    • awhite2600

      Wow. You have described Microsoft perfectly! It seems that almost everything that they have done in the last 10+ years is “me too”.

    • mastjaso

      That is simply not true and sound like someone else just blindly parroting the outdated anti-Microsoft attitude.

      The Zune was a great media player, that may not have been first the player to market, but had a number of unique features including a large OLED screen for better photos and videos, flat UI design, and guess what? The first music subscription service.

      The Xbox 360 was the dominant video game console for a reason. It was a great console, with both great games (many made by Microsoft game studios), and great multimedia features. It connected to really the first mass market online gaming network, Xbox Live which is a huge achievement in it’s own right. First to bring in Achievements, first to develop and refine matchmaking, etc. etc.

      Then came the Kinect for 360 and Kinect 2 with the Xbox One. Both are incredible devices that manage to do full body skeletal tracking in a ~$200 consumer device, that has not been replicated by anyone. Since it knows where you are, the Kinect even uses beamforming to essentially only listen for commands coming from the direction of a signed in user.

      Not to mention the Xbox controllers which are hands down, inarguably the best video game controllers ever made.

      There’s the whole universal OS and universal apps which has never been done before and makes perfect sense for a world where we are constantly switching between a number of arbitrarily sized devices and screens.

      There’s the Skype real time conversational translator which can translate conversations between two people in real time.

      Then continuing with the Kinect research there’s Hololens, which not only is not “me too” but looks like it could completely revolutionize computing. Maybe not the first generation, but the first generation prototypes are impressive enough that every journalist who’s tried them has been completely mind blown.

      And this completely ignores most of what Microsoft does which is cloud computing and corporate software infrastructure. Microsoft has it’s flaws as a company but it is in no way a “me too!” company. If anything Microsoft has a tendency to release products ahead of their time, see: tablets, smartphones, speech recognition, digital assistants etc.

  • Raj Singh

    Not sure it will help. You can’t be all things to all people. There’s nothing wrong with the name Xbox Music. It’s not like people will all of the sudden take notice because it’s now called Groove.

    Groove… brutal name.
    Why not Microsoft Music or something to that effect?

    Movies and TV… underwhelming.
    Why not Microsoft Movie Store or something to that effect?

  • Jeremy Janzen

    $9.99 USD ($12 CAD) is a total non-starter in the Canadian music streaming marketplace. It will not be competitive. It almost seems like Microsoft launches products and services knowing that they will flop… I’ve heard there is some crazy corporate infighting in that company, and I have to wonder if it is being torn apart from the inside out.

  • Derick Clack

    Still no movie app?

  • Mike Upton

    Year and a half later, still no app for Android or iOS. Guess I’m switching everything over to another service now. Thanks, Microsoft!

  • Don Granger

    Almost two years later and microsoft has still not released this app to android or IOS. Who’s shocked?

  • Nick

    still no movies app -#ARGGG

  • ◮IBO◮

    wtf still no movie app