GM Canada bringing “Active Phone Cooling” to several 2016 models

The latest technology to be built into a car is something called “Active Phone Cooling.” This, as the name implies, will help cool down your smartphone so it doesn’t overheat during the hot summer months.

Engineers at General Motors Chevrolet division created the “industry-first technology” by noticing that the combination of hot temperatures and wireless charging led to some phones to stop charging, or in some cases, cause the device to completely shut down.

Chevy’s solution is the active phone cooling system, an air vent that’s embedded over the charging station in your vehicle and blows cold air to help lower the temperature of your phone. While it is not the most magical advancement, it will certainly help improve your phone’s longevity.


“Innovation doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel,” said Impala engineer Dan Lascu. “Sometimes simplicity offers the most elegant solution to a problem.”

According to the release, Canadians can expect to see this addition arrive in the upcoming 2016 Chevrolet Volt, Impala, Malibu, and Cruze.

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