Pain relief wearable Quell now available in Canada


After a successful crowdfunding campaign and a slight wait, pain relief wearable Quell is available in Canada.

Approved by health regulatory bodies both in the United States and Canada, Quell promises to deliver regular pain relief without the use of prescription drugs. Once strapped onto one’s calf, the wearable uses electrical signals to stimulate a pain relief response in the brain.

The Quell Starter Kit is available for $249 USD on the company’s website.

Quell was created by NeuroMetrix, a company out out of Boston, Massachusetts. In April, the company completed a successful Indiegogo campaign where it raised $387,301, far surpassing its initial goal of $100,000.

Check out the interview we did with Frank McGillin, one of the company’s co-founders, to learn more about the device.