This wearable offers side effect-free relief for chronic pain



  • power_pizza

    I’m very skepitcal of this. I feel like we’ve hit a golden age of snake oil products thanks to crowdfunding. Not all crowdfunding is snake oil obviously but there’s been enough complete failures to ruin it for the truly good products.

    • Yah

      Agreed, 100%. What I personally despise even more, is the laws that allow misleading and/or entirely false advertising on our national carriers, with regards to medications, supplements, and devices claiming this or that. Its appalling in this day and age that these scams are permitted.

    • Matt

      Yep there was a story on the news from the Marketplace about these fraud misleading medications and natural medicine. And people can get approval for fake products that don’t do anything to help your medical issue. All it comes down to is a billion dollar market and back door deals to allow these fraud products to exist.

    • jayzon12

      While I do agree there are a lot of snake oil products as someone who suffers from chronic pain and have tried to many to count, this one seems slightly more legit. It looks like most of the profit will be from the replacement pads so if it does not work than they will not make their money there. The 250 for the device would pay for the manufacturing shipping and R&D plus a tad bit extra and their huge money will be on the pads that look like they have a much better mark up.

    • The Dude

      This machine is no different from a tens machine. Just a different look, with a slightly different claimed result. The fact they’re stating your body will produce opioids (of any form) proves they’re just another snake oil producer. Your body can only be receptive to opioids, and only “produces” endorphins…

    • Robert Quickert

      The product is woefully short on science. The only condition for which they provide any evidence I’d diabetic neuropathy. That is far short of matching the millions of people Statscan says have chronic pain. Mobilesyrup is promoting quackery and pseudoscience. For shame.

    • The Dude

      Exactly. Quite the ignorant and gullible bunch.