Report: 18% of Canadians believe they’re great multitaskers and can do something else while driving

According to the latest stats, courtesy of RBC Insurance, 72 per cent of Canadian admit to distracted driving. RBC conducted the survey conducted between April 29 and May 1st of this year and its numbers are based on a sampling of 1,005 adults with driver’s licenses.

RBC found that nine out of 10 Canadians have noticed other distracted drivers on the road and are “much more likely to point the finger at other drivers than admit to it themselves.”

The real shocker, however, is that 18 per cent, or 180 people, believe they’re great at multitasking and can do something else while driving. Twenty-nine per cent of drivers agree that it’s okay to use their phone while stopped at a red light. In addition, 16 per cent, representing 160 people, revealed that distracted driving has caused them to be in a collision or near collision.

Natalie Dupuis, SVP at RBC Insurance, said in a statement, “It’s always easier to put the blame on someone else, and distracted driving is no different. What we are seeing is that more drivers take notice of others’ distracted driving behaviours than what they admit to doing themselves. Canadians need to be much more aware that driving takes your full attention.”

Multiple provinces have been banned drivers from using their mobile devices while driving for several years now. Provinces such as Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and P.E.I  have recently tabled new legislation to dramatically increase the fines associated with distracted driving.

RBC Insurance Poll: Perceptions of Distracted Driving Habits (CNW Group/RBC Insurance)

RBC Insurance Poll: Perceptions of Distracted Driving Habits (CNW Group/RBC Insurance)