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Google updates Google Maps with better traffic alerts and route suggestions

Google Maps

On Wednesday, Google announced several new enhancements that will be coming to Google Maps ahead of this weekend.

With our neighbours down south expected to spend a significant amount of time on the road during their upcoming Memorial long weekend, the update focuses appropriately on providing better traffic alerts and route suggestions.

Once the app is updated and a destination is selected, Google Maps will provide an explainer on upcoming traffic and road conditions. For instance, the app might say that there’s construction on a road that lies between where one starting point and their destination.

Additionally, the app will now provide a heads up on upcoming traffic congestion. It will also estimate how long the user will be stuck in said traffic. If applicable, the app will try give alternate routes, and even provide an explanation as to why a person should consider each of those routes. Google says, for example, that the app will inform users of roads that have seen traffic accidents and the like.

While Canadians would have probably appreciated this update a couple of days ago, they’ll be able to put its paces soon enough with Canada Day and cottage season coming up.