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The Xbox One can now be turned on with the SmartGlass App

Xbox One

After previewing the functionality back in April, Microsoft is finally allowing everyone with an Xbox One to power their console on and off using the company’s accompanying SmartGlass App.

The change is part of the Xbox One’s May update, and besides allowing users to turn on their Xbox One on and off using the SmartGlass app, the update brings along with it several other changes.

The most notable addition is that it’s now possible to send voice messages to people on one’s friend’s list. This brings back a feature that was available on the Xbox 360. For those wondering, it’s possible to send voice messages from an Xbox One console to a Xbox 360, and vice-versa.

Lastly, Microsoft says it’s expanding the availably of dedicated chat servers beyond its preview program. If the Xbox One sees that a chat group is experiencing NAT issues, it will transfer the group to a dedicated server. This means that a group chat won’t be interrupted, even if the initial host drops out due to internet issues. Microsoft says this feature won’t be available to everyone immediately; instead, it’s slowly rolling the feature out, so that it can fine tune it.

It’s a small update, to be sure, but all of these are changes that will likely be welcomed by Xbox One owners.

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