Pinterest announces new developer platform


Pinterest took to its official engineering blog today to announce the Pinterest Developers Platform.

Although currently in beta—and only available to developers in the United States right now—the platform has the potential to be a huge boon to the popular photo sharing website. Once properly launched, it will allow developers from around the world to create apps that take advantage of the 50 billion pins that are on Pinterest.

In its blog post, Pinterest gives several examples of the type of apps developers might create. One example is of an app that looks at food pins, allowing users to order any ingredients that were used in the making of that piece of food. Alternatively, a travel pin app could allow someone to book a trip to Paris after clicking on a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Despite its terse blog post, this is a huge deal for the Pinterest. Although the company received an $11 billion valuation after its most recent round of funding, outsiders have long criticized Pinterest for not having a clear path towards monetizing its platform. This provides a huge potential pool of revenue the company could access if developers create interesting applications.  There’s also the possibility that Pinterest apps may help the platform appeal to people that disregarded it in the past.

Of course, it all depends on whether developers decided to flock to the platform.