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Google takes on Pinterest and Flipboard with new Google+ Collections feature

Google+ Collections

Taking a cue from one of its competitors, Google has implemented Collections, curated content sets, to Google+.

Once a collection is created, users can add text, links, videos, photos, events and polls to it, which other users can view, share and follow.

The feature should already be live for some users, with additional users gaining access to the feature over the remainder of the day.

googlepluscollections-1As a part of this update, the platform’s share button has been reworked. Clicking on it after the update will cause a drop down menu to appear. One of the options on the drop down menu will add an item to a person’s collection.

Google has also curated a set of Featured Collections, which it will use to promote high profile users and trending optics.

While it’s unlikely collections will set anyone’s world on fire, there are sure to be some people that will appreciate this addition.