Threes! comes to Windows Phone, is free for the time being


Windows Phone users, we know your pain at MobileSyrup. Whether it’s been on the transit system in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or somewhere in between, you’ve been riding to and from work, always catching a glimpse of your iOS and Android brethren playing this seemingly irresistible game called Threes!—or, if they’re cheap, 2048.

Threes GIF

But no more: Threes! is finally available on Windows Phone. Best of all, it’s currently available for free. Yes, free.

Threes! is one of the best mobile games released in the past couple of years. The gist is that the player is required to combine ones and twos to creates threes, then those threes can be combined to make sixes and so on. It’s a set up that is simple to learn, but difficult to master, and if nothing else, makes every commute all the more passable.

Grab it while it’s hot.

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