SwiftKey launches new Android-based Clarity keyboard project with multi-word autocorrect

SwiftKey Clarity

SwiftKey announced on Monday a new initiative called Greenhouse. The company will use this initiative to showcase product ideas that its team of developers is currently working on.

The first idea to be featured through Greenhouse is Clarity, a new keyboard that features multi-word autocorrect. Built upon SwiftKey’s already excellent Android keyboard, Clarity is able to parse and correct sentences like “the cats is sitting on my lap” to “the cats are sitting on my lap,” even though all the words in both sentences are spelled correctly.

That’s the promise, anyway. What’s available on the Google Play Store currently is pretty rough—there are multiple comments on the app’s store page saying that the keyboard doesn’t work properly with LG and Samsung devices.

Still, for those that are interested in checking out Clarity, the keyboard can be downloaded from the Play Store. No word on when or if Clarity will come to iOS.

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