Apple Watch now available to pre-order in Canada


  • van_N


    • It’s Me

      But kind of funny that the first few comments on this story are from people that “don’t care”. Seems those that say they aren’t interested are the most interested.

    • Lyndon Boychuk

      Guess that means you are getting one then yes?

    • It’s Me

      Very unlikely. Right now, smartwatches, aren’t all that important for me, but I’m keeping an eye on the space. I like my fitbit because it’s almost invisible in how understated it is. I am interested in seeing how well these perform, functionally and in sales, from Apple and others.

      Just find it fascinating to see what kind of neurosis it takes to rush around posting “I don’t care, I don’t care” about things…Something like tourettes I guess.

    • Mike

      Or it’s the general opinion of many who are voicing their concern that Apple is lagging behind substantially in the innovation department.

      Cnet’s poll today has over 60% of voters not care or want one….

      Get used to it. lol

    • It’s Me

      I am used to it. It’s been the same story for 30 years. They’ve been falling behind and going out of business for decades. That cnet poll, for those that value that sort of thing, could be about any Apple product over the last 20 years. Apple is doomed.

      But it takes a special kind of person to go out of their way to let everyone know about subjects they don’t care about it. With normal people, they tend not to go out of their way to discuss issues they don’t care about.

  • DrWhoWhat

    Couldn’t give a rat’s a*s.

    • Yet you care enough to come here and say that.

    • DrWhoWhat

      It was the story that was up at 5am in the morning when I visited the site. That was my reaction, that is what I wrote. If the 5 seconds it took to write it shows you my intense, sheep-like devotion to all things Apple, then I must truly be stalking you, as I’ve spent almost 30 seconds on this response.

      Unless Apple announces a flying car that looks and functions remarkably like those on the Jetsons, I couldn’t give a rat’s a*s what they do. I won’t be acting like 12 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert, and I won’t be buying whatever elixir they are selling this year or in those coming.

      I didn’t care enough to come here and say that.

    • “I didn’t care enough to come here and say that.”

      … you just did. All I’m saying is if you really didn’t give a rat’s a*s, like you say you don’t, you wouldn’t have posted in the first place. That you did, and subsequently followed-up with an even greater level of care, is contradictory to your own statement. Someone who *actually* doesn’t care wouldn’t post at all, like all the other articles you don’t care about where you didn’t post.

    • DrWhoWhat

      There is a difference between having no opinion and not caring. If I don’t have knowledge of something, I won’t post. If I have no opinion, I won’t post. If my reaction is literally, “I don’t give a rat’s a*s.”, I may actually post that.

      Give up your career in psychoanalysis. You’re really not very good at it.

    • lono 36

      You mad bro lol

    • DrWhoWhat

      Not even remotely.

    • How is this psychoanalysis? This is just you contradicting yourself. You have to care about something before you have can develop an opinion on it, and you have to care even more to express that opinion. You say you don’t care about the Watch but you care enough that you think others want to hear your thoughts about it.

    • DrWhoWhat

      “You have to care about something before you have can develop an opinion on it”

      I don’t have to follow your rules before I “have can develop” an opinion on something. Do I give a crap about Kim Kardashian? Not in the slightest. Never seen her show, not even for a minute. Do I have an opinion about her? Sure do, and it’s not a good one. Apple and their panacea of devices pretty much fit into the same category.

    • It’s not “[my] rules”, it’s cause and effect.

      Do you care about that rock on the ground? No? You see it but won’t develop an opinion about it if you don’t care. Happens millions of times a day and you don’t yell it out for everyone to hear.

      Do you care about the Apple Watch? You must if you have an opinion. Otherwise it’s like that stupid Call Me Maybe lyric about missing someone before even meeting them.

      Like It’s Me said, there must be lots of articles each day that don’t interest you but we don’t see you expressing your apathy on each and every one of those, so cut it out on the Apple stuff, it’s annoying.

    • DrWhoWhat

      It seems to have really put your panties in a twist, that I had the nerve to say that I didn’t give a rat’s a*s about this. That’s all I said. You felt the need to inform me that it must not be the case. I corrected you, yet still you go on. I can assure you, I really don’t give a rat’s a*s about any watch developed by Apple. For the record, I have a Tag that I’m very happy with.

      You’re right, there are lots of articles each day that I don’t comment on. Some interest me, yet still I don’t comment. This particular article just caught my eye and I clicked it. My actual inner voice responded to the headline. You know what my inner voice said? It said, “Hmph, I don’t give a rat’s a*s,”, and since it was such a concise and well-formed thought for 5am, I figured I would type that. I left out the Hmph for diplomatic reasons. That’s all the thought that I put into the matter, which really seems appropriate considering my rat’s a*s stance – until I received a reply telling me that I was incorrect. That clearly I must give a rat’s a*s, simply because I said that I didn’t.

      Perhaps if I took out a full page add in the Star that proclaimed my complete lack of interest in this device? Would that convince you? Should I make a Youtube video with me singing (badly) how much I don’t care about this?

      Do I care about a rock on the ground? Not typically. If I should stub my toe on it I might develop an interest, but usually I won’t think anything about the rock. Now, if someone should publish an article on the useless rock, and I should happen to come across this article on the idiotic rock, and the article is telling me that the rock is available now and there’s even a gold plated one, I’m likely to respond that I don’t give a rat’s a*s about your gold-plated pet rock.

    • Mike

      By your logic we care about anything we talk about then.

      Well, that’s quite perplexing isn’t it.

      You see, you’re confusing the enjoyment he gets out of arguing with people such as yourself, with “caring” about Apple’s watch.

      If anything, he cares about making you look foolish, and he is succeeding.

    • It’s not even mildly perplexing. What are you, 5?

      His first post wasn’t arguing with anyone. It’s the internet equivalent of walking past a group of people who are talking about something and yelling “I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHATEVER YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT”. He’s being a jackass, and you’re right beside him like a cheerleader.

    • DrWhoWhat


      I’m reasonably certain that I haven’t been yelling anything to anyone. Trust me when I tell you, that If I was yelling at you, you’d know it. If anything, I think I have been calm, rational, eloquent, and perhaps even somewhat humorous.

      The only person that seems to be screaming here is you, and I understand perfectly due to the panties being in a twist. It must be incredibly uncomfortable.

    • No panties in a twist. I’m just telling you that joining a discussion just to say that you don’t have any interest in the topic of discussion is rude, annoying, and nobody likes it. Meanwhile you’re sitting there telling me that it’s important that you tell us all about your lack of interest in the topic, as if it’s going to somehow add to the discussion.

    • DrWhoWhat

      There was one comment on this topic when I read the story. It was a simple “B.F.D.”. I almost missed the post due to it’s rather abrupt nature, and I was already making my comment when I noticed it. This made my comment the second and last comment at the time, and I appear to be in agreement in sentiment with the first responder, assuming I interpret my acronyms correctly.

      What that means, is that it is you that is joining a discussion, and it is you that is contradicting the disposition of that discussion. Now, you are perfectly free to offer an opinion on the story. You may even offer a contrary viewpoint with one or more replies. What I took issue with, and will continue to take issue with, is your telling me how I feel about the topic.

      I would challenge you to have someone else read my posts to you. I don’t believe rudeness has been evident. The fact that you may find me annoying, that would be your problem, not mine.

    • I don’t even know if you know you’re trolling.

    • DrWhoWhat

      If I was trolling, why do you appear to keep biting the worm? I made I comment. You didn’t contradict me by saying that you did in fact care. That would have been an acceptable position. You didn’t agree with me by pointing out that you too didn’t give a rat’s a*s about the topic – also perfectly acceptable. You went out of your way to tell me that Ididn’t feel the way I stated I felt. That is an absurd position to take. I took umbrage with that position, and I have repeatedly pointed that out. You seem particularly obtuse at realising that.

    • You don’t seem to understand the concept of “cause and effect”. It’s something you should have learned in school (or at least through your observation of the world around you), but I’ll do my best to explain:

      Step 1: Discovery

      You have to know about something before your mind can any thoughts on it. Either one of your body’s senses must be triggered (sight, sound, etc) or you must imagine something.

      Step 2: Acknowledgement

      Once you’re aware of something’s existence (real or imaginary) your brain must make a quick evaluation: “Does it matter?”, or put another way that you might understand, “should I give a rat’s a*s”?. This part actually happens unconsciously, and your brain has to decide whether or not it should make you consciously aware of the item in question. If your brain decides “no” then you’re barely even aware of its existence and you pass right by it without a second thought. If you genuinely don’t care this is where your brain stops. If your brain decides “yes, this matters, I should care” then you start to focus some of your attention on it.

      Step 3: Evaluation

      Once your brain has decided that it cares about something, it has to decide how much it cares: Is it a threat? Is it a reward? Will it help you? Will it hinder you? After a quick base evaluation your brain decides if it’s worthy of any higher-functioning thought.

    • DrWhoWhat

      First, your response does not gain merit by simple word count. It can only gain merit by its content, and this fails miserably. I see that you have attempted to construct a valid essay, and I’m certain that you felt some form of satisfaction upon its completion hours later. Perhaps your financial compensation is based on volume?

      I made a simple comment that I have zero interest in Apple’s watch. My comment obviously wasn’t on the article, since the article sparked my interest. I was interested in the fact that there was a story about something that I have zero interest in.

      I have no interest in pre-ordering an Apple watch, I have no interest in booking an appointment to try on an Apple watch. I have no interest in being seen standing in line to purchase an Apple watch. I have no interest in paying an overpriced, look-what-I-can-afford amount for an Apple watch, and I have no interest in immersing myself in the Apple environment after purchasing said Apple watch. Perhaps you’re noticing a trend?

      I summarized my opinion on the topic of the article in a concise and articulate manner – I couldn’t give a rat’s a*s. It’s a valid statement. You can choose to agree with it or not, but my right to state it exists. You seem to feel some need to assert the importance of the Apple watch to me, based on the fact that I chose to comment on it. In this, you couldn’t be more in error. The fact that I could probably write a book on how much I couldn’t give a rat’s a*s about the Apple watch doesn’t change the fact that I have no interest in the product. Do I find the bizarre, mindless, zombie-like attraction to Apple products interesting? Yes, and I also find it to be a sad commentary on our society, much like the fascination people appear to have with things Kardashian, and Bieber,

      Now, you can choose to continue this conversation or not. I made a statement. You chose to argue, not with the sentiment, but with my actual declaration. You chose to tell me that I do give a rat’s a*s. I don’t. If you need to practice constructing essays, by all means continue. If you are compensated somehow by shear words, go nuts. It’s your choice.

      I couldn’t give a rat’s a*s.

    • Mike

      Buddy, you’re not impressing anyone. Your tie’s a little tight.

      Oh, and I couldn’t give a rat’s a*s either.

    • It’s Me

      I’m sure there are lots of stories each day that don’t interests you. I wonder how many drive you to comment on them at 5 in the morning…

      Apple stories are always littered with many comments from people obsessively telling us how much they don’t care about Apple stories.

    • “I don’t care about this Apple product AND EVERYONE MUST KNOW IT!”

  • St. Misery

    Watch 2 will be announced before the suckers who dropped $13k+ get their backorders filled.

  • Rajan

    All the Fandroid Android Fanbois are pooping their pants today as the iwatch comes out to build a new segment and steal away customers. LOLOL love it. look at the fanboi comments in here. i’m laughing so hard!

    • StevieP

      Oh dear. (Insert some cliché about pots, kettles, and the colour black)

    • The Dude

      Reality bites?

    • neo905

      Poor attempt at trolling.

    • It’s Me

      He posts under a few different names. At least he is an equal opportunity troll and will post similar comments about Apple, Android and BB.

    • It’s Me

      Joel S, you created another account to reverse troll? Nice.

      JackonRock, feddy, JoeJoe, NilesD and Joel S. weren’t enough usernames?

    • I’m pretty sure he also has The Dude.

  • kakarot11

    Big deal, never owned a smart watch… I prefer large screens and useful features.

  • Mo Dabbas

    “Some variants of the Watch Edition, which start at $13,000 for its 18-karat gold case, have slipped to delivery in July and August.”

    I thought for the money being dropped those will be given some special treatment. But to keep them waiting for 3-4 months??!! This will give them about 6 months to enjoy the watch before the iWatch 2 is announced. Kinda a short period

    • It’s Me

      I guess even ballers gotta wait.

    • Why does everyone keep thinking the Watch 2 is coming out in 6 months when Apple typically gives its first-gen devices 12-18 months before introducing the second-gen version?

    • bigshynepo

      Ipad 1 had a 12 month cycle before the second one came out, Ipad Mini 1 had a 12 month launch cycle, The iPhone 1 had a 12 month release schedule before it’s refresh. Even the 1st gen Ipods had a refresh on the market within a year.

      What hole are you pulling this “18 month” idea from, Brad?
      Can you tell me the first gen Apple product you’re referring to that had a 18 month launch cycle?

    • “What hole are you pulling this “18 month” idea from, Brad?”

      The same hole people are pulling “6 months” from. I don’t see you vehemently attacking them like you are me, though.

      Edit: Also, Mac Pro, AppleTV, iPod Shuffle.

    • bigshynepo

      Stooping to their level makes your motives look disingenuous among the educated.

    • Glad to see you’re not giving up on your double-standards.

    • bigshynepo

      First, if you even READ the OP, it says in plain English:

      A 3-4 month back order will give customers about 6 months (9-10 months combined) to enjoy the watch they paid for before the next watch is announced.

      What is so hard to understand or believe about that? I certainly think we’ll hear an Apple Watch 2 announcement by Late Jan-Early Feb 2016.

      Second, I don’t pay common trolls any respect; it’s people that dress up lies as facts and present them as so that rile me up.

    • “A 3-4 month back order will give customers about 6 months (9-10 months combined) to enjoy the watch they paid for before the next watch is announced.”

      Are we going by announcement dates, pre-order dates, or availability dates? or are we just mixing them all together to get numbers that are most favourable to each of our arguments?

      How is “9-10 months combined” equal to “12 months”? Surely someone as “educated” (and prone to “excessive” quotation marks when it comes to “descriptors”) as yourself knows that math doesn’t work.

      To get back to Mo Dobbas’ point, is anyone going into this thinking there *won’t* be another one in about a year? Most people have gotten pretty used to annual update cycles for phones, cars, music players, etc. A new model of a product you own doesn’t make yours any less enjoyable. You can still enjoy your product for years to come, whether or not a new one (or even two or three new ones) is announced.

      “Second, I don’t pay common trolls any respect; it’s people that dress up lies as facts and present them as so that rile me up.”

      So… trolls? Again, nice to see you’re not giving up your double-standards.

      “Edit: Oh, 2nd tier or unrelated products as an example? How cute.”

      You wanted examples, I gave you examples. It’s not my problem if you don’t like them.

    • bigshynepo

      We’re speaking directly to the OPs comment, Brad. No one is twisting anything, besides you. The OP is referring to today’s present launch and the day in which the owners of today’s watch get an official announcement of a replacement. Stop trying so hard, you must be getting pretty worked up over there.

      Since you’re so desperate to assume what the OP meant as opposed to just taking his words at face value, I suppose I’ll have to let him comment to your postulating. The face value of his comment reads: People spending five figure sums on this particular product deserve a window of exclusivity more than they deserve a back-order delay. Furthermore, do you actually think anyone who is keen to pay this extravagent sum, and values being an early tech adopter, will still be wearing this ‘in the years to come’ after 3 new watches have been released? Doubtful. Do you think they’ll recoup even half of their original investment on a 3 year old piece of tech? Doubtful.

      You’re not a troll, Brad. I wouldn’t reduce your contrived comments to that. You are someone who is vehemently set in his beliefs and will stop at nothing to make sure that dissenting voices to those beliefs are eliminated. Sometimes it works for you, but everyone once in a while, when an opportunity presents itself, you have to be proven wrong. And psychologically, you’ve convinced yourself you can’t be proven wrong, so it results in this kind of run on discussion, peppered with comments like “projecting much?” and your pathetic excuse for counterexamples to my argument.

      Oh, I bet their lightning cables have gone more than a year without a refresh too, Brad. I knew you’d beat me on that one.

      You managed to eek out another win, what will you do now? Go to Disneyland?
      www . youtube . com/watch?v=WJ1dJEDr6Bk&feature=player_detailpage#t=34

    • Man, you care about this way more than I do. Glad to see you learned the word “vehemently” today, though, even if it was misused, like your use of “contrived”. You like using big words but I don’t think they mean what you think they mean. Keep trying, though, you might get it one day if you Google the definition often enough.

    • bigshynepo

      Vehemently = Zealously
      Contrived = Having an unnatural or false appearance or quality; Clever, rather than honest; difficult to believe

      Are you trying to start a new cyclical argument? Are you going to try an impress upon me your narrowly-construed version of the English language? Sheesh.

      Are we done here?

    • bubbles mcfee

      I enjoy the taste of apricots and the sight of clouds in the sky. And goats, they’re fun too.

    • I’m just trolling at this point. It’s up to you.

    • Mo Dabbas

      lol… why are you attacking my 6-8 month hypothesis. It didn’t come from any hole. I already commented above why I assumed it’s 6-8 months.

      but since they are mentioned, AppleTV should be due soon. it’s been out for a while and they dropped the prices, usually a sign a new one is coming (they did it withe the Mac a while ago). iPods (all of them) should be due for a refresh as well (it’s been a while since a refresh happened for them)

    • Mo Dabbas

      I don’t know…. I know apple renew their arsenal of gadgets on annual basis (except macs). so I just assumed it.

  • Argh Argh

    Almost all the articles are about IOS or Apple. Mission creep to shilldom ISuspect…shame.

  • Maurice Moss

    Like a fool indeed.