New smart liquor bottles can tell you if they’ve been opened

There’s a lot of phones at Mobile World Congress. Also a lot of tech relating to mobile infrastructure. And let’s not forget the inevitable deluge of wearables that will flood the show floor this year. However, one thing we didn’t expect to see was booze. Or rather, a smart bottle for booze.

ThinFilm, a printed electronics company, will be in Barcelona next week alongside alcohol company Diageo (which owns Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Guinness, and a hefty chunk of Moet Hennessy). Together, they’ll be showing off a smart liquor bottle with printed NFC-enabled sensors that can detect the sealed and open state of the bottle. The tags are readable via smartphone so you can check if the bottle has been opened. Diageo will also be able to serve you relevant cocktail recipes right to your phone.

On the business side, the sensors will help retailers keep track of inventory while Diaego can engage with customers right to the point of consumption, something that wasn’t possible before. ThinFilm is calling this smart bottle a step towards “the Internet of Everything.” We’re imagining our booze serving us ads via our phones. A bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue will be on display at MWC next week.