Nvidia Shield update brings improvements to battery life, charging

Shield Tablet

Back in December, Nvidia update SHIELD Tablet users to Android 5.0.1 via its own SHIELD Tablet 2.1 software update. Just a couple of months later, the company is pushing out SHIELD Tablet 2.2.

SHIELD Tablet 2.1 was a pretty hefty update. Along with Android 5.0.1, it brought enhancements to the camera, performance improvements, the return of the SHIELD Power Control Menu, memory optimizations and support for OpenGL 4.5. Given how much was packed into 2.1, the appearance of 2.2 so soon after is somewhat surprising.

This update is considerably lighter though it does carry a few significant upgrades, like improved battery life in standby (especially when you have WiFi on) as well as broader support for high-performance chargers. Nvidia is also promising a more responsive UI as well as more memory optimizations and graphics corruption resolution. SHIELD Tablet 2.2 also brings support for SHIELD Hub 4.1, which includes GameStream multi-controller support.