Evernote ending support for BlackBerry 7, Playbook, Hello and Peek on February 7th

Note taking and archiving service Evernote has announced that it will end support for a number of platforms or clients that it feels is no longer relevant.

To start with, the company is saying goodbye to two of its own, Evernote Hello and Evernote Peek. The former was designed as a network or contact repository that offered a browsable history of individuals using details entered by the user, like scanned business cards. It also had a scheduling tool for meetings and kept a log of your interactions with each of your contacts. Evernote Peek was designed for the iPad’s Smart Cover and allowed users to study notes and prep for quizzes by just peeling back the edge of their Smart Cover to see hints and answers to pre-defined questions.

Evernote says both products were built “to advance our thinking in a couple of different feature areas.” Over the years, the company has integrated the best of both directly into its core apps and, as such, feels no need to continue supporting either.

The explanation of the end of BlackBerry 7 and PlayBook support is a bit more blunt. Evernote’s Jeremy Brand Yuan wrote in a blog post that there’s a natural lifecycle to technology and, “at some point, it’s just not as relevant as it was at launch.” That reasoning was applied to both BB7 and the PlayBook as well as Hello and Peek. However, of BlackBerry 7 and the PlayBook specifically, Yuan said:

“We’re focusing on modern operating systems and have a great version of Evernote for BlackBerry 10.”

Users currently running Evernote on their BlackBerry 7 device or the PlayBook will still be able to access their notes via the web. Support for BlackBerry 7 and the PlayBook ends on February 7th when users will find that the app no longer works on their device.