What indignity comes after the selfie stick? The mobile catcher

This year, the selfie stick has been getting a lot of attention for being the next big terrible thing to happen to mobile users and their devices. People all over the CES show floor are advertising new and inventive ways to extend one’s limited human reach for realistic-looking aerial shots and high-profile personal photos. It’s really a waste of human capital.


Well, one company hopes that the next big indignity will be the mobile catcher, an easy way to look at your phone while you’re, say, holding on to your baby, or at school ignoring your teacher.

To be fair, the mobile catcher isn’t a terrible idea — it actually could be relatively useful in some situations — but like the selfie stick much of the CES show floor this year is dedicated to finding ways to use your mobile device more often, in more places, with fewer considerations for the people around you.


It’s easy to dismiss these products as the results of a culture that never stops wanting to see itself reflected in screens, but the truth is they’re utilities — often not very good ones — and people will find purposes for them.

The mobile catcher, though? I don’t think it’s going to catch on.