ZTE unveils new corporate identity, says “Tomorrow never waits”

Several manufacturers have shifted strategies and corporate identity over the years, namely Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola and Microsoft. The latest is Chinese manufacturer ZTE who unveiled its new design that apparently epitomizes the tag line of “Tomorrow never waits.”

ZTE states its new logo, which features rounded letters and lighter colour, will show its youthfulness and also reflect its new CGO philosophy (Cool – Green – Open). The company’s mission aims “to help customers adapt and thrive in the era of intelligent, always-on connectivity.”


Shi Lirong, President and CEO of ZTE, said, “In the coming months, our customers will see the new ZTE through the actions and projects of our employees.”

ZTE recently opened an R&D centre in Ottawa where the Fido exclusive ZTE Grand X Plus became the “first handset designed in Canada.”

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