TD Bank rumoured to be launching Apple Pay for U.S. customers this month

Apple Pay

Apple already has a long list of banks and financial institutions supporting Apple Pay, but rumours point to the company adding TD Bank in just over a week. TD Bank is the independent US branch of TD Bank Group, owner of TD Canada Trust.

MacRumors reports that TD Bank has started training employees for the release of both Apple Pay support and Visa tokenization. This training will run through next week and will be finished in time for the launch of Apple Pay support a week later, around December 18th.

We still don’t know what will happen with Apple Pay in Canada — when it will launch, which banks will sign on as partners, which retailers will choose to support the system. All we can do is look to the U.S. for clues as to what might come to pass.

If the above rumours bear any fruit (and we’ll find out in less than a fortnight), it stands to reason that TD Canada Trust will be one of the launch partners for Apple Pay when it finally arrives in Canada.

TD Canada Trust currently has its own implementation of mobile payments called TD Mobile Payments. The TD mobile app allows you to store credit cards on your phone and tap-to-pay at supported touchless terminals. However, this app is only available to users with certain Android devices or the Blackberry Bold 9900. If you’re an iOS user that banks with TD Canada Trust, you’re out of luck.

TD also recently joined UGO Wallet alongside PC Financial, which is functionally similar to TD Mobile Payments but adds a loyalty card element.