comScore says Canadians spend more than 3 days per month online

Smartphones and tablets have made it even easier for us to get connected and stay connected, so it should come as no surprise that the amount of time Canadians spend online has increased dramatically as smartphone adoption grows.

According to comScore, Canadians spend, on average, 75 hours browsing the web, including watching video and using mobile devices. And that’s just an average. Indeed, comScore says that if you look at just the 25-34 demographic, that number goes from 75 hours to 110 hours across different devices.

Internet video and mobile devices are credited with raising the average time spent online (75 hours). Just looking at desktop and laptop browsing, the average is 39 hours, or 50 hours in the 25-34 demographic. So what are we doing with all this time online?

Apparently relatively little of that time (20%) spent browsing the mobile internet. Instead, the majority is spent using internet-connected applications. Between messaging services like WhatsApp and societies fascination with social networking (15 million of us access Facebook via mobile devices every month), that’s not actually all that surprising. According to comScore, men are more likely to use apps in general, but women spend more time using their favourite apps.

[source]Globe and Mail[/source]