Anki Drive is now available for select Android devices

Anki Drive

We got word last month that Anki Drive would launch on Android at some point in October, and the company behind the popular racing game has made good on its promise.

Mark Palatucci, Chief Product Officer at Anki, has announced that users with specific handsets can now download Anki Drive from the Play Store and race with their friends. Unfortunately, Android users won’t be able to race against their iPhone-user friends and, for now, compatibility is only available for a handful of devices.

The list of compatible Android devices is almost exclusively Samsung. It includes the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Note 3, Note 4, and Note 10.1 (2014). The only non-Galaxy device supported is the LG-made Nexus 5 from Google. Anki has promised compatibility with more devices but says the game’s Bluetooth Low Energy requirement makes things difficult.

Anki Drive has been on iOS for about a year and uses small robot cars and a printed race track. Gamers can use the app to steer and fire weapons, but the cars also use AI to ‘learn’ how to race each other.

Anki recently dropped the price of its starter kit to $149 for Canadians. That pricing will apparently be in effect through the holiday season.

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