Mobilicity granted stay extension until December 1st, reports ‘approximately 156,300 active subscribers’

On September 19th, Mobilicity asked the court to extend its creditor protection until December 1st. This request was the seventh time the carrier asked for an extension and was recently granted.

The court filing was made public today and Mobilicity reported its subscriber base has increased to 156,300 at the end of August. Though 1,500 higher than the last time we reported it, the carrier’s numbers are down by 20,000 subs since December 2013.

The struggling carrier stated in the document that “actual cash flow for the thirteen-week period ended September 12th, 2014 was approximately $4.24 million higher than projected in the June 2014 Cash Flow Statement due to $2.23 million positive variants in receipts and $2.01 million positive variants in disbursements.” Mobilicity is in the process of reviewing and considering its options.

Mobilicity has been shy on launching new handsets, but the latest devices to join the lineup were the Moto G and Moto E. The carrier has been offering various promo prices to encourage customers to sign up. Finally, as stated before, Mobilicity is ending its multi-month plans and directing customers to only sign up month-to-month options.

[source] Mobilicity EY [/source]