Microsoft just released its own version of Snapchat


  • JB

    SnapChat….another lazy developer. Stop screwing over your customers just because they use a BB10 phone of a Windows Phone.

    • Can they really be called customers (or more appropriately, users) if they haven’t yet had an opportunity to create an account because they’re on unsupported hardware/software?

    • JB

      Who’s to say…both 6snap, and snap2chat(BB10’s snapchat) have in the 6 to 7 digit downloads…..also what if someone has ios or android and goes windows or blackberry…..thats a customer not served. Its ludicrous that the OS is judged and not the incompetence of the developer.

    • barrist

      “ios or android and goes windows or blackberry”


    • alphs22

      They’re not screwing anyone over. They’ve just decided that the 5-6% of the market not running Android/iOS isn’t worth developing for.

    • JB

      That excuse is garbage. We’re talking about millions upon millions of users on Windows and BB10(even with only 5-6%). If a barely used app like Spotcast can develop native apps for IOS, Android, Windows, BB10, and HTML 5. Then developers like Snapchat, Instagram, spotify, Netflix….etc have no excuse. This isnt about brand loyalty, this is about service. They aren’t serving their people good enough. end of story.

    • M-Len


    • alphs22

      Just because some companies decide that Windows and BB10 are worth developing for, doesn’t mean that other companies should have the same mindset. That’s absurd.

    • barrist

      What excuse? It’s a business decision. They’re not obligated to develop for whatever OS you want them to. If that’s the wrong move, the market will tell them so. So far I think they’re doing alright.

    • JB

      Haha Barrist….you must be having a swell Friday night clearly. Your comments are irrelevant to me.

      How about we agree to disagree.

      Have a great night chief.

    • barrist

      You must be having a swell life to be so emotionally invested in a phone company Haha. Got any more conspiracy theories about the shadowy “tech media” and its secret love of Apple and hatred for Blackberry?

      I’m just saying, son, just because developers don’t care about BB10 is no reason to get upset every time an app for iOS/Android only is posted. It’ll be okay…

    • TomsDisqusted

      Why would you want snapchat? They are the ones that got caught betraying their users fundamentally (on privacy – what the app is supposed to be about). They actually got fined by the FCC so are so bad.

    • deltatux

      Just use 6snap, it works exactly like Snapchat and runs on the same network. It might not have the name Snapchat but it is available for your consumption.

  • Dalex

    When you can’t beat em, clone em?

  • Andrew English

    I don’t run Microsoft products on my smartphones with the info that Edward Snowden was lucky to share with the rest of the world regarding Microsoft’s close ties to the NSA.

    • Marc Palumbo

      get the tin foil hat!

  • I have 8.1 update 1. Wont let me install yet :S anyone else experiencing issues?

  • saqrkh

    Microsoft Research said they didn’t release WindUp for the purpose of competing with Snapchat, but to see how users engage with Snapchat-like apps. They also have an app called, another social networking experiment.