Koodo will unlock your phone for free with a SIM-only plan


  • Dennis Deveaux

    By today’s standards that isn’t too bad of a plan except for the data overages ($5/100MB is a rip-off!) The free unlocking is almost a gimmick though as I’m sure many people buying a SIM-only plan already have an unlocked device, but it’s nice for those who need it.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      Actually, it’s not a great plan even by today’s horrible standards. Keep in mind this is really equivalent to a $50 plan that is scaled back by a 10% SIM discount. So you have to compare it to other plans after discounting them by 10%. For another $4, you can get their 1000 minutes and 750mb plan for instance. I’d say that’s pretty equivalent. There’s no real extra value with this promo plan.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      $5/100MB is a ripoff? How about getting charged an extra $10 for just going 5MB over the data limit? The Telus rep even told me it would be 5 cents per MB but he was wrong.

    • SumWun

      Oh, please. Give the true story here. You didn’t read your terms and conditions when you signed up, which stated that your data overage is $10/gb. You exceeded your data limit by 5mb and got charged for the overage. Now you’re blaming Telus for your mistake…real mature. Put on your big-boy pants, friend. Don’t forget that you’re posting on a mobile news site. Most of us on here are well-educated enough in the ways of wireless to sniff out you whiners with your half-true sob stories.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      wow what the hell is your problem? It’s supposed to be 5 cents per MB and I only have 200MB data on the plan, therefor I went 205MB on the last cycle.

      And the contract says if I exceed 10GB it gets terminated, nothing about the $10/GB overage.

    • Jakob

      Read your terms and conditions and your contract again. It’s in there.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      It is not, I have two contracts here and neither says it, they were written in May 2012.

    • Jakob

      Terms and conditions will have it then. Not everything can be crammed into your contract. Legally, your service provider has to provide you with their terms and conditions. If they did not than you can’t be charged anything other than the 5C/MB on your contract.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      Turned out to be a billing error, Telus fixed it today and I’ll get a smaller bill next month. They increased my data to 500MB for loyalty, not bad.

      Guess I don’t need my “big boy pants”, SumWun can keep that.

    • rgl168

      Mr. Sum “big boy pants” Wun should provide a formal apology.

    • Jakob

      So much win. 😀

  • nabate

    Does not apply to iPhone….
    1) Roaming rates apply outside of Canada. Additional data $5/100 MB applies. (2) Applies only to new postpaid activations and non-Koodo phones on activation. Not available on iPhone. A $35 unlocking charge will apply if account is cancelled within 30 days. (3) Applies only to new postpaid activations.

    • It’s Me

      Buy it from apple and it’s already unlocked, so I guess if you’re sim free anyway, that’s the route to go.

      There is no legitimate reason for an off contract phone to locked anyway. None.

    • licorne

      Only The original selling carrier can unlock iphone, so if you bring an iphone to unlock you will be told to go to the original carrier.

  • jesse

    Rogers refuses to allow me to unlock my iPhone 4 for less than 50$ so perhaps this is my best option?

    • BigBossInCanada

      Getting your iPhone unlocked by someone other than Rogers will cost you a lot more than $50. Just pay the $50.

    • Chris Petersens

      Actually koodo unlocked ours for $35.

    • BigBossInCanada

      I know Telus/koodo charges a $35 fee. But don’t they also have the 3 month requirement? For Jesse, getting his phone unlocked with Rogers would be his cheapest option.

    • J P

      They do if you got the phone under the Tab. If you bought it at full price (no Tab), then you can have them unlock it right away.

    • kroms

      you paid to have your phone unlocked ? LOL

      My God. People are really lost today.

    • Tom

      Yeah, I believe the iPhone 4 can be SIM unlocked for free via jailbreaking. I’m not sure if the same applies to newer iPhones though. Many Androids can’t be unlocked via hacks either (or at least no one has tried). Some models like HTC’s can have the unlock code reverse engineered through stuff like S-Off, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. Over 90% of the time, you’re gonna have to pay if you want an unlock – I do recommend third party code sellers like cellunlocker over the carrier though.

    • Jakob

      That’s not a true unlock, it’s a software unlock. Once he updates his phone than it is re-locked.

    • Chris Petersens

      They don’t unlock iPhones with this promo.

    • Henry Huynh

      Did you sign a contract or buy the phone in full from Rogers?

  • skinnypig

    Not a great plan? I’d say it’s pretty great considering what you have to pay with the big 3. I would totally get this if not for the fact that my current device does not get LTE on Koodo/Telus.

  • Tyrone_83

    At least they do it for free rather than Rogers and Fido who charge 50 bucks plus tax for a code that should be free to begin with it.

  • Thomas Yok

    A first? Wind gave their unlock free when they first opened. Has changed to $10 fee.

    • Kirk M

      It is now $30 with wind to unlock

    • Chris Petersens

      Any phone?

    • Kirk M

      Yeah to unlock any wind phone is $30 now. Even if it’s the $49 Huawei phone

    • Chris Petersens

      Did they unlock other carriers phones? Why did they stop?

    • Stephen B Morris

      Actually its $30 now. Just saying.

  • We Want Verizon

    This plan sucks, I’d rather pay $35 to unlock the phone myself and get a proper plan. 200 day mins? What is this, year1999?

    • Tom Adams

      Not sure how 800MB is fair at $45 a month with crazy overages either

    • Pigs Can Fly

      Um, I can’t seem to find a decent plan right now from Telus, but I’m paying $50 for 200MB of data, and get charged $10 per 5MB I go over… yeah, $45 for 800MB sounds way better.

    • J Gibson

      No overage fees with Koodo tho…

    • nestor_2011

      Where did you get 800mb of data in 1999?

    • beyond

      must have been in a parallel universe

    • Eevee

      Just to be clear, you can choose any regular plan with the 10% off, and still have your phone unlocked. It doesn’t have to be this plan specifically. I personally like this plan as it’s very student conscious! What kids do you know that need more than 200 mins? Most want data…

    • licorne

      You can choose any plan in house and still get your phone unlocked at koodo, this one was only supposed to be offered on SIM activations.

  • deltatux

    LOL, this is so sad of a plan and we’re not even subsidizing a phone… It should have at least 1000 minutes to be considered a worthwhile plan at that price.

  • licorne

    I work at koodo and they are no longer offering this–at least, yesterday they ditched the offer as it was failing to give the unlock discount to make it 0 dollars. Sorry mobile syrup readers, this one is not a guarantee anymore for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the company opens it up again during back to school.

  • DrWhoWhat

    Phones should be unlocked by the original carrier for free the second that they are paid for, either in full or via subsidy. They charge to have something they did undone.

    • Jim__R

      I would go one step further and say that it should be illegal to sell a locked phone.

      The only purpose of a locked phone is to prevent you from popping in a local SIM while travelling or increase the hardship of changing carriers. Neither of these reasons are justifiable from a fairness or competitive environment point view of view.

  • MovieFan

    I am proud to be Canadian, but embarrassed by how badly we are all getting screwed by Internet Service Providers and cell phone carriers.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      Ditto, we’re being robbed.

      And don’t forget about the CRTCC not allowing us to get Google Voice and Netflix offering 1/4 the amount of shows/movies that the US version gets.

    • MassDeduction

      how is the CRTC in any way limiting Netflix for us?

    • Pigs Can Fly

      I wasn’t implying the CRTC was limiting Netflix, I said CRTC isn’t allowing Google voice and that Netflix isn’t offering as much in Canada as in the US, two separate things.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Because the point is to make people pay more for less. It’s better, for instance, to charge stupid prices for 300mb plans and have people pay overages for an additional 200mb than it is to give them 500mb right off the bat.

  • kroms

    That is why you BUY a NEXUS phone. Unlocked , works with Any Carrier.

    PERIOD !

  • manpreet singh

    if you buy a phone outright it should be free to get a unlock code…

  • Stephen B Morris

    Fine print states that it can’t be an iPhone.

  • Petra

    I’m tempted to leave Rogers for this. Their latest policy change- forcing you to change your plan if you ever want to upgrade- is an insult. The only thing holding me back is the knowledge that Koodo usually rolls out some sweeter deals closer to xmas.

  • thomas nguyen

    how will Koodo unlock non-TELUS / non-Koodo phone?

    • Karly

      Koodo has a program they use to generate an unlock code, its a super easy process that happens right in store 🙂

  • Brian Cabbagehead

    Oh look its Alex the troll. YOU used to be on wind and we were tight.. then you jumped ship you rogers stooge! It’s ok I have Thomass Yuck now.. he listens to whatever I tell him!

  • JD

    This plan is garbage btw… It’s actually $50 plan.. $45 is after the 10% off… Fido has a similar plan thats $49 with a 10% off that us 750 minutes and 750 megabytes…

  • Jakob

    Offered a free phone unlock and people still complain it isn’t good enough…

    This is an excellent promotion to attract new customers from other carriers – it’s a great business move. Period. If you can’t see that than you are blind.