Motorola boasts 8.6 million Q2 device shipments, promises Moto X will be updated to Android L

Here’s some good news for a Tuesday morning: the Moto X will officially be updated to Android L. Punit Soni, Motorola’s man on Google+ and VP of Prodyct, answered a fan question over the weekend with just such an affirmation.

While the news may not come as a surpirse — Motorola’s latest devices run variants of stock Android that shouldn’t take too long to rejig for their particular purposes — it’s nice to know that the year-old device is set to run Google’s newest operating system. Motorola promised that the Moto E would be updated to the latest version of Android for 18 months after release, so it doesn’t appear that the Moto X’s aging hardware will be a limiting factor.

Motorola is expected to release a follow-up to the Moto X alongside its already-announced Moto 360 smartwatch by the end of the summer, which could mean as late as the end of September. Motorola posted Q2 results of 8.6 million smartphone shipments, “up 130% from last year’s Q2 and more than 30% from last quarter,” according to interim President, Rick Osterloh. Those numbers are not 30+ million huge like Apple and Samsung, but they’re considerably better than the company was doing a year ago, and that’s likely all due to the worldwide success of the Moto G and, more recently, the Moto E.

HTC hsd also committed to updating the M8 to Android L 90 days after Google makes the source code available. More unsure is whether other devices from Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and others will make the cut.