Coveted 416 area codes being sold for hundreds of dollars


  • Riley Freeman

    id gladly sell my landline. such an easy number too. 416-first 3 are the same, next 4 numbers are two duplicates.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Another example of wantlust for something that is scarce simply because it is scarce. I’m better off with a fresh 437 number since I won’t have to deal with texts & calls from a previous owner of a 416 number.

    • MassDeduction

      I would have agreed… until they got to the part about how a business could make itself seem more established by using a 416 number, and how this could be a benefit to professional businesses like lawyers. It’s a bit like gaming the system, but I can see the appeal actually.

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    • 2SEXY4U

      This is BOGUS! I spent $50 and it got me NOTHING! Just “647” TELUS HAS NO NUMBERS! THIS MUST BE A TELUS WORKER TRYING TO BRING YOU IN!!!!! Oh by the way Telus Koodo same company same BS!

    • Telus Koodo? This is Bogus! I wasted $50 for nothing, there are no “416” NUMBERS remaining, and if they are they are most numbers where people dropped because of creditors hassling them everu day!

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    • Anon692

      You live at Pizza Pizza?!!

    • johentie

      hmm i don’t think pizza pizza’s first 3 numbers are the same!
      967 -> not the same numbers…

      and two duplicates does sound like 11 11
      but i think he means a duplicate of a double digit number like:

    • Riley Freeman

      more like 1122 thats not the actual one but first 2 are the same and second 2 are a different number but the same

    • Balls O’Steele

      967 Free $ex free $ex

    • johentie

      that’s pizzaville… 736 3636 ; >

    • Ruzzo Vondopoulos

      Try to sell it on kijiji, but be careful there Big scams now,and the 416 numbers,and the iphones. Using free cassified ads is not my thing. to many issues out there,but just bring someone with you. Make sure you get paid before you transfer and put it under his or her name.

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  • Matthew Rätsep

    This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode…

    • Jesus McDongswoggle

      “No, it’s like 212 except they multiplied every number by 3… and added a 1 to the middle number…”

    • awhite2600

      I posted a reply here earlier with a link to the Wikipedia article about the Seinfeld “212” episode. My post was deleted. Does MobileSyrup have an issue with links to Wikipedia? It’s not like I was linking to an ad or commercial website. Geez.

    • Laer

      MS is overly zealous with their moderation settings. Almost never do I get a link through and somewhat often comments are deleted.

      Just easier for them I guess. But often useful valid commentary suffers for it.


      Maybe copyright issues …..perhaps? But Im sure people have all seen it more then a few times. Its all good!

  • Thomas Ramsay

    am never going to sell my 416 cell number

  • Bill

    I’m more surprised that there’s such a thing as a Canadian Numbering Assocation

    • Jakob

      That made me laugh, too. Where do you apply for a job like that?!

    • Bill

      No kidding! I can count, so sign me up!

    • Anon692

      Ha ha haaaa.

    • djino


  • Jakob

    Nobody really dials peoples’ phone numbers anymore, they just touch your contact list entry. If you are dialing a number, chances are you will rarely have to dial it again. From another article I read, these 416 numbers are being sought after more by business rather than individuals.

    Some people go way overboard with having to have a 416 number… like it makes them more Torontonian or something. We all know the real differentiator is whether you say Toronto or Chorono 😀

    • Anon692

      Hahaha. and I though hongcouver was bad…

    • d3v14n7

      At least it’s accurate…

    • Obviously you have no clue about business, A 416 number must be memorable 967-1111 no one forgets that or 800 JUSTICE but either way,all smart business people have a great number, so people can remember it, that all.

  • DC

    What has mobilesyrup come to ?
    things must be slow in mobile industry or the authors lazy

    • beyond

      what’s wrong with this article? It was interesting,

    • Mike Newman

      Probably a hardcore Blackberry fanboy who wants more assurance that the Passport is indeed the same size as a passport.

    • Anon692

      Lolz. This was good.

    • Bill

      Things must be slow for you if you can take the time to type out a stupid comment

    • mobilesyrup

      Probably a bit of both 😉 It’s interesting perspective that these old school numbers carry value, something like domain names these days. Ian

    • johentie

      Agreed… maybe if your born in the late 90’s or 2000’s you wouldn’t care since 647 is a norm… but 647 to me is still weird…

    • beyond

      me too, everytime I dial a 647 number in the back of my mind I feel like I’m calling a cell phone number

    • skullan

      When I think of Toronto, I think of 416 and then consider anything other than that to be “Really? That’s a Toronto phone number?”


      New York is the same way, A “212” is N.Y A “310” L.A. A “514” reminds me of Montreal. Its how good your perception is. Look at Drake A Tattoo of “416” and the track is about Toronto! I think its cool,that Toronto is A great 416 City! ……Lovin it !!!!


      DNS! So true,if you hit up iXXXXX any word with the letter i in front,like ipen, iglove, ishoe, isexy,and so on their all taken. I should have snatched Target. ca 10 years ago,could have been more rich! Cash In $$$$$ !

    • Ruzzo Vondopoulos

      Many people cashed in on Walmart,and Home Depot and others. I should snaged TARGET.CA but someone was clever enough to snag it first. Cant win them all. 🙂

    • Ruzzo Vondopoulos

      Very true my friend 🙂

    • skullan

      You’re right! I mean, why would MOBILEsyrup report on something related to phones?

    • Im with you ,this article was very informing! I did enjoy it,and went to VIP416 # and got myself a great number!

  • johentie

    i would never sell my 416 number!! i had it custom chosen for me! the last 4 digits of my number spell out my last name… ; > had a friend that owned a Rogers authorized store.. he called me every time a batch of 416 numbers became available… but one time i asked him if there was one with digits that spell out my last name.. he called me 3 days later and told me he found one ; >

    • Anon692

      What is that… D.I.C.K. or 3425?

    • johentie

      did you come up with that yourself and like it yourself too? u really are a sad sad soul… i feel for you dude..

    • Jakob

      You set yourself up for that with your ‘custom’ phone number story. Also, that’s not custom.

    • Anon692

      Ohrly. Jokes on you with your ZERO votes. Sucka.

    • johentie

      haha good for you.. you are now officially the cool kid of Mobilesyrup… i am not worthy… Please Dan give MR BROWN a medal!

    • Anon692

      Tanx, but really – I don’t need your approval. Just smiles.

  • 5Gs

    I’m selling mine for 1 billion. Let me know if any one is interested.

  • pomplamoose

    i have quite a few 416 numbers…bidding starts at $500,000

  • Harrison

    The same thing happened in Vancouver area when 604 numbers became harder to get and the 778 area code was introduced. For the longest time, it was mobile only though. Frankly, most businesses (especially lawyers) should be leveraging toll-free numbers anyways.

  • John_JJP

    So, the people buying up the 416 numbers so their business looks more established are simply trying to con the consumer? Nice.

    It’s sad that people’s brains work this way anyway. These days, it really doesn’t matter what the area code is in places where they overlap. Your neighbor can have a different area code.

    • TP

      True. I believe it is more legit to assign some sort of a complete different system for ‘mobile’ phones, where they are not strictly limited to the ‘area’.
      i have 416 & 647 numbers and I live in 905 region. What’s the point of having an ‘area’ code in a mobile phone number?

    • Mike H

      I agree. I the UK all mobile phone numbers start with 07, so you always know that its a mobile phone number. But more importantly you know if you can send an SMS to that number or not.

  • Midknightsun

    I lived outside of Toronto for 9 years and always had a 416 number. I was always asked why and I mentioned people hardly call me as most of my communication is done via SMS or BBM. Plus with free long distance on most cell phone plans, area codes are irrelevant. Needless to say, I’m not selling my 416 number.

  • Frank Griffin

    “In addition, area code 387 was also set aside is to be set aside for future relief.”

    Nice proof-reading, yet again. Way to be professional.

    • Anon692

      This is what happens when all you do is copy/paste from different articles in an attempt to make one your own.

  • Zee

    I have two 416 numbers, does that make me super rich? LOL

  • Andrew Brown

    “there are over 2 million 647 numbers still to be assigned, and 260,000 437 area code numbers have been given out so far.” isn’t 437 newer then 647? shouldn’t 647 have less 437?

    • Anon692

      Care to revise your comment so it look less like 5 year old babble?

    • fucktards

      Do you even know how to read?
      647 numbers: two million are still available
      437 numbers: only 260,000 have been given out

  • Deputy Michael Joel Cembal

    i don’t understand… HOW do you sell them?

  • Matt Welke

    I wonder if this is the case for 905 numbers too. Apparently they’re exhausted and 289 will be exhausted this year. 365 is all that will be left.

  • bembol

    I have 5 accounts with Bell, Three are 416, two of them even mean something…the last 4 digits at least. 🙂 Pittsburg Steelers and the other is Audi.

  • Michael Licht

    416-run-xxxx is mine, can’t wait to make money on it.

  • Andrew Jiang

    When I switched to Public Mobile, they only gave me 437 numbers to choose from. Ever since then, I’ve had to explain to everyone I give my phone number to that it’s actually a Toronto number.

  • David Beshay

    MY # IS “416-***-1337”

    • David Beshay


    • David Beshay

      Leet (or “1337”), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet. It uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters. For example, leet spellings of the word leet include 1337 and l33t; eleet may be spelled 31337 or 3l33t.

      The term leet is derived from the word elite.

  • Alex Cruise

    No, no one is selling 416 *area codes*. There’s only one of those, and it’s not for sale. They’re selling **phone numbers in the 416 area code.**

    • aamd11

      Oh, thanks for clearing that up.

  • mwahahahaha

    Forget 416, give me area code 666!

  • Ry29

    Seems excessive to assign 4 area codes. I get they see an explosion of mobile devices, but does a tablet or dry loop dsl really need area-specific codes?

  • Evan Nakagawa

    I’m quite content with my 647 number. You can tell it’s a Torontonian number like 416, none of that crazy 437 business. And it’s an easy one to remember. But I do see the appeal for buinesses. It may be “unfair” that a newer area may seem less professional, but if it helps business, why not?


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    Business! …People, its all about if your in business,and want to promote yourself when you put up an ad! If it is a number you remember,and flows cool, the “416” can do magic! If you open the yellow pages,you will see the catchy 416 number dominating. Its all about The $$$$$! Business,always! …I also have a “212” New-YorK Original,and its as beautiful as me!

  • Ruzzo Vondopoulos

    Its all about business,and as a Lawyer that has re located to the Finch Court House I purchased,and put out the money. Mobile Syrup was quite accurate. To all of the rest of you that a 416 vs A 647,just open up the yellow pages , and look that the big Law Firms Ads. This is not for evyeyone,but a memorable super easy 416 number is just another key to be promoting yourself.. Thats all! It is not for everyone out there,only unless your are a professional, in business. Thats all! It is common sense. As for the article very interesting. I do not think this is a lazy article,it is news,and something new. The envy,and hate,because of some people coming up with brilliant ideas is great. To call it a scam,is pure envy.It is no different then being a Apple Fan, and then we have The HATERS,so sad,that people that have done nothing in their life become bitter.,I guess I am a prick to for becoming a Lawyer,or the creator of MOBILESYRUP is to be hatted because he created a unique site. Funny how the one that are failures in life bikker and complain. Too bad, to sad! 🙂

  • Ruzzo Vondopoulos

    The whole issue is when I googled 416 NUMBERS SCAM came up so mush on places that are selling on KIJIJI & Craigs List for next to nothing$$$ to Thousands. If your Buying,or selling there is a 50/50 chance you can get scamed! Hope people exercise caution B$ jumping into kijiji The risk is too high!!!!! Hope this helps!

  • Ruzzo Vondopoulos
  • Guest

    I just herd from sources that they will be releasing the rest of the batch of 416 numbers on . Its a free servive online, If anyone wants a free 416 and is interested let me know ,and I will post it here!

  • What? Where do you sell it? …..& how,not kijiji I hope,that would be a waste of time!

  • Online Rip Off is On The Rise, It Is Christmas so beware out there,and do not become a victim!

  • If your going to buy a “416 NUMBER” do your research first! Hope this helps!

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  • Guest

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  • Guest

    THE LAST 416 Numbers are here,not the greatest but not bad for free! LAST CHANCE! …..GOOD LUCK!

    Telus just released the last batch of “416” NUMBERS on their online. If your a 647er,and you want a “416” NUMBER? If your with Telus or koodo you can go online and change ur number free of cost. If your with another carrier go to Telus and start a prepaid accoun now for $25 416 number NOW! Sat Jan-10 0630HRS. You need to be there when it opens, and use a self serve Goodluck! and ………………..AVOID THOSE KIJIJI sellers!

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