LG sees 20 percent boost in smartphones sales for Q2


  • Anon692

    Don’t speak that blasphemy here.

  • StevieY

    Blackberry is busy laying people off to deceive investors into not writing them off yet. They’re also working on their digital toaster that’ll work its way to the bargain bin a month after launch.

    • oj

      and you are stupid, because y canot afford a great phone like b.berry

    • Anon692

      Lol. It seems like only the illiterate use bb’s. Haha.

    • johentie

      hmmmm you guys are a joke… BB is done laying people off since last quarter… if you live in Toronto you will see that BlackBerrys are STILL used by the elite… a lot of the top Board members of mobile companies still use BlackBerrys as well.. it’s a workhorse! And you morons need a life… you don’t even know WHY u hate on BlackBerry… i thought this was a Canadian Site… BlackBerry is probably the biggest Mobile company in Canada that has an impact on a global scale… you don’t have to buy their products but at least be a little patriotic and support them and wish them the best! you should be proud a company like that came out of your own backyard that prettty much reinvented how people use a handheld device! and WTF does BlackBerry have to do with LG’s earnings?? like seriously?

  • jay

    Ok what they want us to do? 700$? Well get a one plus and happy, yes i have one and my wife too

    • AGoodM8

      Yep. Ditto for Nexus or Moto G. There are enough good options to warrant spending less than $700 for a quality device

  • 5Gs

    You’re telling me LG is beating BB?

  • mggOptimusG

    “The LG G3’s hero feature is the screen” … Yes screen is higher resolution than the rest but the main feature in my opinion is design. No bezels, no buttons on sides, no flaps, on the edge of being too big. I would have loved to have this in 5in screen even if it means to keep a 1080×1920 resolution. The FM radio is also a bonus. I see less gimmicks on G3 than S5. Almost got a Z2 but then I hear about their overheating problems, I am not so interested in Z2 anymore.

    • blzd

      Unfortunately all water proof phones will have heat issues. It’s a side effect of having the insides all sealed up.

      Take a look at the GS5 vs the M8, the GS5 quickly heats up and downclocks the CPU where as the M8 stays cool and quick for much longer.